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单元题目 Unit 6 How long have you been collecting shells?

第五课时 section B (3a -4b)

Teaching goals:

Learn some new words and phrases “monster, globe, anyone, store, cake, particularly, collector, common, run out of, by the way, thanks for”, improve writing skills by reading2a, review present perfect progressive, simple past tense, present progressive tense.

(目标引领,表述本节课的知识、能力和情感目标,简单明了。) Teaching and learning steps:


Look at P48, put them into English or Chinese orally, then write them down without looking at the text.

monster___________ globe____________


collector__________ common__________

任何人___________ 储存______________蛋糕___________ 用尽________________顺便说一下______ 为?而感谢_________

Read 3a fast and silently to find the general idea读取大意

What’s Ellen’s hobby?


Read 3a carefully and silently to find the specific ideas读取细节

1. Where does she store her globes ?

2. What kind of globes does she like better than others ?

3. Why does she have to stop?

4. What would she like to do for her hobby ?

Check your answers:

1. She stores them in boxes under her bed.

2. She particularly loves globes with animals.

3. She has run out of room to store them.

4. She would like to start a snow globe collectors’ club.


Post-reading activities读后活动

3b. Suppose you are Michael. Write a letter to the soccer team agent Mr. Brown. Decide whether you will join the Lions or not.

3b.Writing: Look at activity 2a on P47.Write an e-mail message from Bob, Marcia or Liam. Tell about his or her collection.


I want to tell you about my hobby. Collect __________.

I have been collecting them__________________________





Inquiry into knowledge by translation

My mom says I have to stop, because we’ve run out of room to store them. 译:_______________________

1. run out of 的意思是 “_______ ”。room 此处意思是“ 名词。“为……让空”应是


(1)He ran out of his strength to save the boy out of the water.

(2) This desk takes up a lot of room.


(1)The reading room is full of people. There is no more _______for other readers.

A. rooms B. a room C. room D. some room

(2)Her money soon (花光了).

(3)Is there (有足够我坐的空) in the car?


The end-of- class test当堂检测


1. He has collected lots of stamps. He is a stamp __________ (collect)

2. Thanks for __________ (help) me so much.

3. I got a present on my ___________ (nine) birthday.

4. I’d like ___________(skate) because I think it is very interesting. .

5. “Why do you like collecting tickets?”

“Because they are ____________(interest)”.










1.用完,用尽;空间;不可数;make room for?




(2)ran out

(3) enough room for me to sit


1.collector 2.helping 3.ninth 4.to skate 5.interesting

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