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2008年上半年期中考试初二年级英语试卷 命题人:刘秋影


( )1. -----I don’t know if his uncle_______.

------I think he _____if it doesn’t rain.

A.wil come ;comes B.will come; will come

C.comes; comes D. comes;willcome

( ) 2 . We’’ ll try our best to do the work with _____money and ______people. .

A. few;little B.a few;a little C.less;fewer D.fewer;less

( ) 3.. ---Let’s go to the movies.

----Ok, but where _____we meet?

A. will B. could C. shall D.should

( )4. She said she _____a paper kite at 7:00 p.m..yesterday..

A .made B.is making C. will make D. was making

( )5.In English ,she’s _____writing than listening.

A .better in B. better at C. good at D. best in

( ) 6. We are supposed _______there before six,so we must get up early..

A .get B.to get C. getting D. to getting

( ) 7. ------Could I sit here?

------Of course, you _______.

A .may B.could C. can D. must

( ) 8.I was doing my homework _______my mother was cooking. .

A .before B. what C. when D. while

( ) 9.When I walked past her room,I heard her_____English.

A .read B. reading C. is reading D. was reading

( ) 10. Soccer is one of __________in the world.

A. more popular sport B. the most popular sport

C. more popular sports D. the most popular sports

( ) 11. ---What did Tom say ?

---Tom said _______well in speaking.

A .he think he did B. he thinks he did C. he thought he did D. he thought he does

( ) 12. I’d like to _____the message to Jim for you.

A .put on B. turn on C. pass on D. work on

( ) 13. If you want to get good grades, you must be ____all the time.

A .lazy B. busy C. hard-working D. stressed out

( ) 14.There______ a basketball match tomorrow.

A is going to have B will C will be D is going to

( ) 15. She always ____ skirt.

A .puts on B. have C. wears D. be in

( ) 16. ----:________will you come back?

----:In half an hour.

A .How long B. What time C. How oftenD. How soon

( ) 17. _______,I did quite well in the exam this time.

A .Unlucky B. Unluckily C. Lucky D. Luckily

( ) 18. ----Will you please ______do that?

-----Ok,I won’t.

A .don’t B. not C. won’t D. can’t

( ) 19. The boss makes the workers _____long hours every day.

A working B to work C work D worked

( )20.I had a difficult tine____my kitchen yesterday.

A clean B to clean C cleaning Dcleaned.

He _____ _____ _____swimming.


Olympic Games

The old Olympic Games began around the year 776BC in Greece .Many of the sports__1__the same as they are now. But then women not __2__to take part in the games.

The first Olympic Games__3__modern times happened in 1896.They were__4__in Greece. Where the games were born.Both the summer and Winter Olympics are held__5__four years.the winter Olympics are usually held two years__6__the Summer Olympics.

The 24th Summer Olympics were held in 1988 in Los Angeles. The competitiors from the People’s Republic of China__7__the games for the first time. The Chinese competitors__8__many medals since then.. __9__most of the medals were won by women. We hope men will__10__their best to win more medals.

( )1. A. did B.had C. looked D. were

( )2. A. agreed B. hoped C. prepared(准备) D.allowed(允许)

( )3. A.of B. at C. in D. on

( )4. A.held B. hold C. begin D.began

( )5. A. in B. for C. each D. every

( )6. A. in front of B. before C.later D. earlier

( )7. A.take part in B. go to C. joined in D.joined

( )8. A. have won B. are winning C. had won D. won

( )9. A.Sadly B.But C.Hardly D. Once

( )10. A. work B.train C.compete D.do



A rich American went into a shop in London.He wanted very much to buy a nice-looking watch. But the owner of the shop asked five hundred dollars for it. Suddenly a young man came into the shop.took the watch out of the owner’s hands and ran out with it .It all happened in a few seconds. When the owner ran out into the street, the young man was already lost among the people.

The American went on. At the next corner, he saw the young man with the stolen watch in his hand “Do you want to buy a fine watch,sir?” he asked in a low voice, “It’s only a hundred dollars.” The young man doesn’t know I saw him stealing the watch, he thought. The American paid at once and went back to his room with the watch. He told his friend about the fine watch.

His friends took a look at the watch and started laughing. He said “You are a fool, This watch isn’t worth even ten dollars, I’m sure the shop owner and the young man planned this together.”

( )1. The rich man was from______ .

A. France B. America C. England D. Japan

( )2. The owner of the shop asked ______dollars for the watch .

A 500 B.250 C.100 D.10

( )3. The American paid_____ dollars for the watch.

A. 10 B. 50 C.100 D. 500

( )4. Who is foolish?

A. The young man B. The rich man C.The shop man D. The rich man’s friend

( )5. Which of the following is true ?

A.The young man likes the nice watch

B.The young man and the owner planned this together

C.The American paid 500 dollars for the watch

D.This watch is worth 100 dollars.


Students often want to practice their English outside class. One of the best ways of practicing your English is to speak to foreigners. Most of the students ask, “Is it OK to talk to foreigners when we meet them in the street?”

The answer is yes or no, but probably no! If you see a foreigner who looks lost, it is polite to ask him or her, “May I help you?” But if not, you should probably let him or her get on with the business. That is, you can talk to a foreigner at some time or place. Feel free to ask him or her question if a foreigner comes into your school, classroom or your teacher’s office.

It’s also OK to talk to foreigners in some public places. If you see a foreigner alone in a restaurant, a waiting room, or a shop, it may be the right time for you to ask him or her, “Is this seat free?” or questions like this. You can probably help them if they are new to China. And if they are alone, you may be able to make them feel more welcome.

It’s a pleasure to talk to a foreigner if you choose the right time and place.

( )1. What is the best way to practice your English?

A. Speak to a teacher. B. Speak to your friends.

C. Speak to foreigners. D. Speak to your parents.

( )2. From the passage, we know that ______ .

A. it is polite to stop foreigners to talk with you in the street

B. it is polite to stop foreigners to talk with you when they are busy

C. it isn’t polite to stop foreigners to talk with you when they are on business

D. t isn’t polite to help foreigner find their way

( )3. When you try to talk to a foreigner alone in a park, usually he may _____ .

A. become angry B. keep quiet C. go away D. feel happy

( )4. This passage is mainly about ______ .

A. language B. restaurant C. foreigners D. business

( )5. The best title for this passage is _____ .

A. How to learn English in class B. Why to study English

C. When to speak English outside class D. How to talk with a foreigner


One day Mrs.Black went to buy a fish with her daughter. She didn’t know how to cook it. So she asked the shopkeeper to write down the way of cooking it on a note. She put the note in her daughter’s pocket and then they left the shop happily with the fish.

On their way home, a black cat saw them and followed them. Suddenly the cat jumped at her ,took the fish away from her quickly and ran off at once . Mrs.Black ran after the cat, but she couldn’t run faster than it ,At last she stopped, not knowing what to do. But suddenly she remembered something. She laughed and shouted at the cat, “You don’t know how to cook it , The note is still in my daughter’s pocket!”

( )1.Who told the woman how to cook the fish?

A.The cat B.Mr.Black C.The shopkeeper D.Nobody

( )2._____enjoyed the fish, too.

A.The cat B.Mr.Black C.The shopkeeper D.Mr.Black

( )3.But suddenly she remembered something. Here “something”means “_____”

A.the fish B.the shop C.the note D.her daughter

( )4.Which of the following statements is WRONG?

A. The cat took the fish away from the shop.

B. The woman couldn’t catch up with the cat.

C. The cat took the fish away from the woman.

D. The woman didn’t know how to cook it.

( )5.Which of the following statements is RIGHT?

A. The cat went home with the two women.

B. The daughter wrote the note for her mother.

C. Mrs.Black was foolish.

D. Mrs.Black could run faster than the cat.


Donna Brown ,a 14-year-old girl, was very sick.. She had a bad heart. “Donna must have a new heart,” her doctor said, “or she will die soon.” Felipe Green,Donna’s good friend,heard the news.He was very worried about Donna. He didn’t want her to die. He decided to give his heart to her because he knew he was going to die. Then he talked to his mother about his idea. But his mother didn’t pay much attention to him. “Felipe is just playing a joke,” his mother thought. In fact, Felipe often had terrible headaches and never told his mother about them.

One morning,he woke up with great pain and he couldn’t breathe. The Greens hurried to send him to the hospital. The doctors had bad news for the Greens—“Felipe’s brain(大脑)is dead.” The Greens were very sad. But Felipe’s mother remembered his words. She told the doctors to give Felipe’s heart to Donna. The doctors did several tests. They said they could give Felipe’s heart into Donna’s chest(胸部),but Donna didn’t know it. The doctors and her parents didn’t tell her until she was stronger. Donna was very thankful to the Greens. Every time the Greens saw Donna,they thought of Felipe. Donna has Felipe’s heart in her. That gives them great peace.

1. What was wrong with Donna Brown?

2. Why was Felipe worried about Donna?

3. Did Felipe’s mother pay attention to his idea at first?

4. What did the Greens do after Felipe died?

5. What have you learnt from the story?


A: B: Terrible! I lost my wallet.

B: At the supermarket ,I think.


B: I think I dropped it when I was buying my sister’s birthday present.

A: Well, did you find your wallet later?

B: No, but later I met Ellen at the supermarket.

B: I told her what happened and she bought me lunch!


1.It seems that the movie is interesting. (改为同义句)

The moive______ ______ ______interesting.

2.He said to me , “Jim will go and see the movie.”(改为间接引语)

He________me that Jim_____go and see the moive.

3.He is good at swimming(改为同义句)

He______ _____ ______ swimming.

4. If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time. (改为同义句)

If you go to the party, you’ll ______ _______.


作文要求:给你的爷爷或奶奶写一封信,汇报一下你的学习状况或学习成果。 字数:60—80字。

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