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I’ll help clean up the city parks.
Period 1


cheer up ,clean up, homeless, hunger, give out, put off, set up

2. 学会用英语提供帮助

? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?

1: 小组自学单词并背诵。 2.自学检测:根据句意和首字母完成单词 The kind man always helps the h_______ children. We often see the s_________ of “No Smoking” in public places. The city library was e________ three months ago. Around fifty people die of h_______ every day in the camp. If you wait to sell your old sofa, why not put an a_______ in the local paper? 2: 小组讨论用什么方法帮助别人

A guessing game


What could we do to help people?

Do you often help others?
Tell us something about the last time you helped others.

I helped to clean the classroom. I helped my parents with the chores. I _________________________. I _________________________.

There are many ways that you could help people.

You could help clean up the city parks.

We could visit sick people in the hospital

help old people

give out food at the food bank

cheer up sick kids


What else could we do to help people?


I’d like to I hope to I could

help children with their schoolwork. visit the old in an old people’s home. help watch the traffic.

give our old books to “Hope School”. I volunteer to …

clean up



give out



notice board 布告牌

What other ways you could help people? Just think and fill in the chart.
other ways you could help people Take part in planting trees _____________________ Provide money for the poor students _____________________ Work as_____________________ Olympics a tour guide at the 2008 _____________________


1b Listen and complete the sentences. 1.I’d like to work outside. You could help clean up the city parks. 2.I’d like to help homeless people. You 分发,派发 could give out food at the food bank. 3.I’d like to cheer up sick kids. 高兴,振作; You could visit them in the hospital. 使某人高兴 4.I’d like to help kids with their schoolwork. You could volunteer in an 动词,志愿效劳, after-school study program. 主动贡献



A: I’d like to work outside. B: You could help clean up the city parks.

2a Listen and check (?) the things the students are going to do.

call up others

advertise on TV

put up signs

advertise in the newspaper hand out advertisements


1.We need to come up with a plan. 2.We can’t put off making a plan. CleanUp Day is only two weeks from now. 3.I’ll write down all our ideas. 4.We could put up signs.

5.I’ll hand out advertisements after school. 6. We could each call up ten people and ask them to come.

Clean-Up Day is two weeks from now. We need to come up with a plan. What would you like to do? Talk with your partner and come up with a plan.

A: We

need to come up with a plan.

B: Let’s have lunch first.
A: No’ we can’t put off making a plan. Clean-Up Day is only two weeks from now. B: ….

Grammar focus
Phrasal verb cheer up set up Sentence He looks sad. Let’s cheer him up. We’re going to set up a food bank to help hungry people. We need to come up with some ideas. Meaning of phrasal verb make someone happier establish , start

come up with

think up

Phrasal verb
?1.Clean up ?2.come up with ?3.put off ?4.write down ?5.put up ?6.hand out ?7.call up ?8. Cheer up
提出 推迟 写下 张贴 ,升起,建造 分发 召集 使高兴


set up cheer up clean up put off come up with write down
? I forgot to _____ its address _____, now I can’t find it. Write down ? He couldn’t _____ with an idea. come up ? After meals, Han Mei often helps clean up the table at home. _____
put off ? We have to _____ the meeting because of rain.

? Young man,cheer up Don’t cry for the over spilt milk. _____! ? He set up a new world record in September, 1935. _____

In this class, we have learnt : 1. Target language: What will you do on Volunteer Day? I will do…… .\I could do……\I’d like to do…… 2. Grasp how to use some phrases to help others. 3. Understand we should care for someone who needs our help.


将下列句子补充完整。 1,他看起来很悲伤。我们来让他高兴起来。 He ______ _____. Let’s ______ him ______. 2,我们需要提出一些想法。 We need ____ _____ _____ _____ some ideas. 3,我们不能推迟制定计划。还有两个星期就是清洁日了。 We can’t ______ ______ _____ a plan. _______ ______ is only two weeks from now. 4,我想加入学校志愿者项目,但我不知道我该做什么? I’d ______ _____ _____ the school volunteer project, but I don’t know _____ ____ _____ ______.

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