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2013年七年级英语下册 Unit 10暑假作业

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Unit 10暑假作业 A组


( )1. Jim doesn’t like tomatoes,potatoes ___ cabbages..

A. and B. with C. or D. for

( )2. There ________ some food on the table.

A. have B. are C. is D. has

( )3. I’m hungry. I would like ________ a large bowl of dumplings.

A. have B. eat C. eating D. to eat

( )4. Do you like noodles ________ chicken?

A. with B. of C. in D. to

( )5. There are ________ tomatoes on the table.

A. many B. much C. a little D. any

( )6. --Would you like _____tea with ice in it?

-- Yes, I _____

A. any, would B. some, do


( )7. Some chicken in the bowl. And some eggs on the table.

A. is, is B. are, are C. is, are D. are, is

( )8.—Would you like a cup of tea? —______.

A. I’d love B. Yes,please C. No,I wouldn’t D. Sorry C. any, will D. some,

( )9. He likes English ________ it’s fun.

A. when B. why C. because D. where

( )10. They usually go ______ home ______ lunch.

A. to; for

/; for


What do you do at the weekend(周末)?Some people like to 1 at home,but others like to go 2 a walk or play football. My friend Jack works hard in a factory during(在??期间) the 3 .At the weekend,he always 4 the same thing. On Saturday he 5 his car and on 6 he goes with his family to a village(村庄) by car. His uncle and aunt have a farm there. It isn’t a 7 one,but there’s always 8 to do on a farm. The children help with the animals and B. to; at C. at; in D. 1

give them their 9 .Jack and his wife help in the fields. At the end(结束) of the day,they are all 10 and Jack’s aunt gives them a big meal. ( )1.A.play ( )2.A.to ( )3.A.day

B. live

C. stay

D. enjoy

B. for

C. in

D. at

D. week

D. has D. washes

B. time B. makes

C. autumn

( )4.A.does ( )5.A.watches ( )6.A.Monday ( )7.A.small ( )8.A.much ( )9.A.clothes ( )10.A.clean 阅读理解

C. borrows

B. driving C. sells

B. Sunday B. big

C. Saturday C. hard

D. Wednesday D. short

D. far

D. water

B. little

C. fast

B. places

C. food

B. late C. hungry D. friendly

Mrs. Brown lives in a small village. Her husband is dead. She has a son but no

daughters. His name is John and he is twenty-five. After John finishes collage (大学), he gets work in a big city, New York, and he lives there. It’s quite a long way from his mother’s home, and she is not happy about it. But John says, “There is no good work for me in this small village, Mother, and I can get a lot of money in New York. Then I can give much to you.”

One day Mrs. Brown is very angry. She takes a train to her son’s house in New

York. Then she says to him. “John, why do you never call me?”

“But mother,” John laughs (笑) and says, “You don’t have a telephone .” “No,” she says, “I haven’t, but you have one.”

( )1. Where does Mrs. Brown live?

A. In a small village C. In New York

B. In a big city

D. In a town

( )2. What is Mrs. Brown’s son’s age?

A. 20

B. 21

C. 25

D. 13

( )3. How does Mrs. Brown go to New York one day?

A. On foot

B. By bus

C. By bike

D. By train

( )4. Why does John never call his mother?

A. John doesn’t want to do that C. His mother has no telephone

B. John has no telephone

D. His mother doesn’t want to answer


( )5. Which is right?

A. The village is near New York

B. John works in a big city and his mother likes it


A: Hello! House of dumplings! 1

B: I’d like two bowls, please. A: 2

B: I’d like a large bowl and a small one. A: 3

B: I’d like a large bowl of chicken, and a small bowl of egg and carrot. A: 4

B: UMM?Two glasses of milk. 5

A: They’re just$25.

B: Thanks.


根据“老四饺子店“(Laosi Dumpling House)设计一份广告。

饺子品种齐全,个儿大味美。 2。现有两种特价水饺,蔬菜的2元20个,牛肉和蔬菜的5元20个。


______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ _

C. In the village there is no good work for John D. John never gives money to his mother.


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