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Unit 7
How much are these pants?

Section B

Period One

Words preview
ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen 十 十一 十二 十三 十四 十五 十六 十七 十八

1a Listen and repeat.

1b Write a number in 1a next to the correct

word below.

Which two rows of numbers are in the wrong place?

2a Listen and circle the numbers in 1a

that you hear.

2b Listen and circle the things in the

picture that Lisa and her mom talk about. Check (∨) the things Lisa buys.



Ask and answer questions about the clothes in the picture.

Translate and write them down. 1. - 这双红色的袜子多少钱? - 12美元。 - How much are the red socks? - They’re twelve dollars. 2. - 那件毛衣多少钱? - 26美元。 - How much is that sweater? - It’s twenty-six dollars.

Thank you. Bye!

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