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江苏省泰兴市西城中学八年级英语 练习25

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一. 用所给词的正确形式填空

1. There were two _________ (mouse) here just now, but now I can’t find one.

2. There are not any _________ (programmer) on TV now.

3. He has spent all his time ________ (earn) money. He is rich, but he is alone.

4. This type of printer was ________ (main) used in office.

5. Whom was the funny game __________ (designer) by?

6. This game is the _________ (good) on the matches.

7. Do you have any _________ (know) of English grammar and vocabulary?

8. Nancy Jackson will _________ (sure) come to see you.

二. 单项选择

( ) 1.Every time you pass a level, you ____ a gold medal.

A get B will get C toget D have to get

( ) 2.____ is good for learning English.

A No one B Every C None of them D All of them

( ) 3.I saw a strange cloud ____ a question ____ it in the game.

A /, in B have, on C /, written for D with, on

( ) 4.He always know the ____ answer, but sometimes he answers the teacher ____.

A correct, correctly B incorrect, incorrectly

C correctly, correct D correct, incorrectly

( ) 5.Now, start ____ the given words, don’t ask ____ any help during your writing.

A from, to B with, for C from, with D with, to

( ) 6.Please tell her the news if she ____ next time.

A will come B comes C came D come

( ) 7.I lost my dictionary on my way home, I decide to buy ____ tomorrow.

A it B other C one D them

( ) 8.Knives are used for ____ things.

A cut B to cut C cuting D cutting

( ) 9.Betty is often heard ____ the popular songs.

A sing B to sing C singing D sings

( )10.—It ____ that to go there ____ the strong wind.

—In two months. A How long B How often C What time D How soon

( )11.I found ____ hard for me to carry such a heavy box.

A it B that’s C its D I was

( )12.Tom isn’t here. He ____ to the hospital.

A goes B went C has been D has gone

( )13.She was ill, ____ I went to see her last Monday.

A but B and C or D so

( )14.We don’t want to go there ____ the strong wind.

A as B because of C so D because

( )15.It ____ that she was very worried.

A seemed B seem C is seemed D was seemed


三. 用所给短语的正确形式填空

1. The roof of that old house ______________ during the night.

2. Have you _____________ who stole the computer?

3. This CD-ROM can help you learn English and Geography ___________.

4. When will John’s new book __________?

5. We have ____________ all the tickets for the concert.

6. My good friend, Sandy, wants to _____________ when he grows up.

7. The boy listened to the click of the rails and then _______________.

8. Jack Chan is a famous actor. You can see him ______________ quite often.

四. 翻译下列句子

1. 她不知道她的爸爸妈妈会不会来。

She ________ ________ _________ whether her parents will come ________ not.

2. 两兄弟看起来真的很相像。

The two brothers __________ really _________ each other.

3. 每次你正确回答一个问题,就可以得一分。

You ______ _______ _______ _______ _______ you answer a question _______.

4. 开始时,我通过听收音机学英语。

5. At first I learnt English ________ ________ _________ the radio.

6. 昨天我正躺在床上,这时电话响了。

Yesterday I was _________ ________ bed ________ the telephone _________.

五. 下列句中各有一处错,请找出来并订正

1. People use computers to word processing.

2. It is my the second day in Japan. ___________ 3. Sanrio Puroland is a indoor theme park, isn’t it? ___________

4. My father often buys some stationeries as souvenirs for me. ___________

5. We were clapping our hand while they were marching across the park. _________

6. The story was so funny that we couldn’t stop to laugh. ___________

7. The girl waved for us while she was dancing to the music. ___________ 8. The young man danced so beautiful that everyone screamed. ___________

六. 句型转换

1. That CD CD-ROM was designed by Nancy Jackson last year. (对划线部分提问)

________ that CD-ROM designed by last year?

2. The article has 800 words. (同义句)

This is a _________ article.

3. Each level will take you about an hour to finish. (改为同义句)

___________ about an hour __________ each level.

4. He plays computer games every week. (对划线部分提问)

____________ he play computer games.’


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