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2013年七年级英语下册 Unit 4暑假作业

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Unit 4暑假作业

A: Can you go to the movies tonight, Emily?

B: No, I 1 .

A: Oh, I can’t, either. I want to go out, but 2 . B: 3 . I have too many rules in my family.

A; Family rules? Like what?

B: I can’t play with my friends after school.

A: 4 ?

B: Yeah, I have to go home by 5:30 and do my homework.

A: Oh, I do, too. And I have to practice playing the piano every day.

B: Do you have to wash your clothes?

A: Yes, I do. I think 5 .


1.You must look after you sister.(同义句)

You ________ ________ look after your sister.

2.I never arrive late for school, ________ _________ ? (完成反意疑问句)

3.We can listen to music outside the hallways.(对画线部分提问)

________ ________ we listen to music?

4.Uncle Wang does housework on weekend.(改一般疑问句)

_______ Uncle Wang _______ housework on weekend?

5.You can’t turn on the radio. (改为祈使句)

________ _______ on the radio.


Halloween(万圣节):October 31

People think that ghosts(鬼)come out at night on Halloween.At Halloween parties, people wear frightening clothes and masks (面具).We make a face from a pumpkin (南瓜)and put a candle(蜡烛)in it.Then we put it in the window to frighten people.In the UK children wear frightening clothes and masks, and then go from door to door to get sweets(糖果) by ringing doorbells and calling out “trick or treat(不给糖 1


Christmas Day(圣诞节):December 25

At Christmas we send Christmas cards to one another.We put decorations(装饰)everywhere and we have a Christmas tree with Eve Santa Claus (圣诞老人).He puts presents(礼物) in our stockings.On Christmas Day there are presents for everyone.We eat special dinner at home—turkey,pudding and cake. I love Christmas.

( )6. When is Christmas Eve?

A. October 31. B. December 25. C. December24.

( )7. What do children do on Halloween?

A. They put presents in their stockings.

B. They play “trick or treat”.

C. They make a face from a pumpkin and put no candles in it.

( )8. We know Halloween and Christmas are very popular in _______.

A. India B. China C. the UK

( )9. What does the underline word mean?

A. 吓唬 B.约束 C. 迎接

( )10. Which of the following festival is the foreign festival?

A. Thanksgiving Day B. Dragon Boat Festival C. Spring Festival


My Family Rules. ( 假如你是Mike ,家里有很多约束,你写信给你的笔友John,倾诉你内心的烦恼和不快。开头已给出,不少于60词。)

Dear, John,

I’m not happy________________________________________________________________


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