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2013年七年级英语下册 Unit 5暑假作业

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Unit 5暑假作业


1. A koala comes from Australia. (变否定句)

A koala ________ ________ from Australia.

2. He likes dolphins very much. (变一般疑问句)

________ he ________ dolphins very much?

3. The zoo is across from a big and clean hotel. (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ the zoo?

4. I like Tom because he is very friendly. (对划线部分提问)

________ do ________ like Tom?

5. The shy girl wants to see giraffes. (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ does the shy girl want to see?

6. Pandas are from China. (同义句转换)

Pandas _______ ________ China.

7. She doesn’t want bananas at all. (变肯定句)

She ________ bananas very ________.

二.补全对话。 Peter: Excuse me. ______________1__________________?

Kate: Yes, I do.

Peter: What animals do you like?

Kate: I like penguins(企鹅). _______________2_________________.

Peter: Do you like pandas? Kate: Yes, I do. _____________3_______________?

Peter: I like dolphins(海豚). Kate: _______________4_________________?

Peter: Because they are very clever.

Kate: Let’s go to the zoo on Sunday. Peter: OK. ____________5___________________?

Kate: It’s next to a post office on Center Street.

三. 读短问,提问题。

My name is Mary. I am eight years old. I have a clever dog. His name is Tony. He is four years old. He comes from Beijing. He likes to eat meat very much. He 1

doesn’t like to eat grass at all. He likes to play with me. He sleeps at night and gets up in the morning. He is very friendly, but he is kind of shy. Isn’t he very cute? Tony and I are good friends.


She is eight years old.


Yes, she does. She has a clever dog. 3. __________________________________________________________?

He is very friendly.

4. __________________________________________________________?

He likes to eat meat.

5. _____________________________________________________ ?

He sleeps at night and gets up in the morning.


Hello, everyone! My name is Nancy. I’m 1_ America. My favorite animals are koalas, 2 _they are very cute. Do you 3 _about kolas? Let me tell you about them.

Kolas 4_ in Australia. They have small black eyes, big ears and thick(浓密)hair. 5_hair is usually grey and brown. They are about 70-8-cm long. 6 _do they like to eat? Eucalyptus leaves(桉树叶). They don’t usually drink, because they can get much 7 _from the eucalyptus leaves. They 8__ in the trees during(在...期间) the day, but at night they get up and have food.

Kolas are in great danger now. Today there are 9_43,000 kolas(100,000 before). People cut down trees and 10__ kolas. We must do something to save them.

( )1.A.over B.from C.before

( )2.A.because B.so C.or

( )3.A.know B.talk C.walk

( )4.A.feel B.fight C.live

( )5.A.Their B.Our C.Her

( )6.A.Who B.When C.What

( )7.A.food B.exercise C.water

( )8.A.sleep B.run C.work


( )9.A.either B.only C.always

( )10.A.stop B.brush C.kill


请以“My favorite animal”描述你最喜欢的一种动物,内容不少于60个词。



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