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2013年七年级英语下册 Unit 3暑假作业

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Unit 3暑假作业 A组


( ) 1. I took ______ quick shower at 6:30 am. Then I had ______ breakfast at 7 am.

A. a; a B. a; / C. an; the D. /; a

( ) 2. I often ride a _______ to work. I think it is a kind of exercise.

A. train


( ) 3. My son often eats junk food. I really _____ about his health.

A. talk


( )4. It takes me fifteen minutes ______ from my home to the bus station.

A. walk B. walking C. walks D. to walk B. know C. learn D. B. taxi C. bicycle D.

( )5. —Do you like the two stories?

—One is funny, but _____ is not.

A. the other


( )6. —The party is beginning. Where is Lucy now?

—Oh, she can’t come. She _______ for a test at home.

A. studies B. study C. studied D. is studying B. others C. the others D.

( )7. —When does your mother usually go shopping?

—It ________when she is not busy.

A. hears about B. agrees with C. depends on D. thinks of

( )8. —________ is it from here to the Great Wall?

—About five kilometers.

A. How long B. How far C. How often D. How many

( )9. —Do you know ________ students in our school?

—Yes. It’s about ________.

A. a number of; two hundred

C. a number of; two hundreds B. the number of; two hundred D. the number of; two hundreds

( )10. I usually get up at 7 am, ______ yesterday I got up at 6 am.

A. and


I go to school by bus every day. It is always very crowded on the bus. It is B. but C. or D. so 1

so 1 . One day I told my parents that I didn’t like taking the bus to school. Then my 2 told me about his story. When he was young, he 3 in the countryside. It was near a 4 . So people there had to go out by boat. 5 parents didn’t have much money, but they let him go to school. Every morning he got up very 6 . It was dark (黑的). Then he went to take a 7 . It took him about thirty minutes. Then he had to walk for another twenty minutes. He was always 8 because he could have the chance (机会) to study, although it was very cold in winter. 9 I heard my father’s story, I felt very sorry. I 10 think like that. From then on I go to school happily by bus every day.

( )1. A. boring Dangerous

( )2. A. teacher ( )3. A. played ( )4. A. bank ( )5. A. My ( )6. A. late ( )7. A. bus ( )8. A. sad ( )9. A. After

B. father B. worked

C. brother

D. cousin

B. dirty

C. exciting


C. walked C. school C. His

D. Lived D. mountain D. Their D. quietly

D. Bike D. Happy D. When

B. river

B. Her

B. loudly B. train B. angry

C. early

C. boat

C. relaxed C. Until

B. Before

( )10. A. should 阅读理解

B. shouldn’t C. could D. couldn’t


I work in a bank from Monday to Friday. My house is near a park and is about ten kilometers from my office. I usually go to work by train. I usually get up at 6:30 am and take the train at 7 am. It usually takes me about thirty minutes to get to my office. The train is quick and cheap. I am never late for work.


I am a student. My house is near a beautiful lake. My school is across from the lake. I can walk to school across a bridge. It takes me about thirty minutes. But I often go to school by boat, because it is more fun. It takes me about twenty minutes.


I’m a waiter. I work in a restaurant from Mon-day to Saturday. I often go to


work by bus. It is about five kilometers from my house to the restaurant. It takes me about twenty-five minutes to go to work. Sometimes I am late for work because the traffic is very busy.

( )1. Anna usually arrives at her office at about ______.

A. 6:30 am B. 7 am C. 7:30 am D. 8 am

( )2. Joe often ______ to school.

A. takes a bus

D. takes a boat

( )3. Nancy lives about ______ kilometers from her working place.

A. five B. ten C. fifteen D. twenty B. takes a train C. walks

( )4. The underlined word "traffic" means "______"in Chinese.

A. 餐馆 B. 交通 C. 市场 D. 车站

( )5 . Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Anna is sometimes late for work.

B. Joe lives near a river.

C. Nancy works five days a week.

D. Three of them go out by different means of transportation.

补全对话X k B 1 . c o m

A: David, you were late for school today. (1) ________?

B: No, I didn’t get up late.

A: (2)__________?

B: Because my bike didn’t work well on my way to school.

A: Do you usually go to school by bike?

B: (3)___________. Because it can help me keep healthy.

A: I agree with you. (4)____________?

B: It is about five miles from my house to school. (5)____________?

A: I live about two miles from school.



How far it is from your home to school: l5 miles

The time of getting up: 7: 00


The time of leaving for school: l7: 30

How long it takes to walk to the subway station: About 10 minutes

How long the subway ride takes: About 15 minutes

要求:1. 语言通顺、流畅,可适当发挥;2. 70词左右,已给出部分不计入总词数。

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