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Module 6 A famous story

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Module 6 A famous story
Unit 3

Language in use

1. 过去进行时的定义&构成:


肯定句: 主语+was/ were +v.-ing
否定句: 主语+wasn’t/weren’t +v.-ing 疑问句: Was/ Were +主语+v.-ing? Yes, 主语+was/ were. No, 主语+wasn’t/ weren’t.

2. 过去进行时的基本用法:
1) 过去进行时表示过去某时间正在进行的动作或持续的

行为,常和表过去的时间状语连用。如: at this time
yesterday/ at 9:00 last night/ from 7:00 to 10:00 yesterday morning 等。 I was doing my homework at this time yesterday.


2) 过去进行时可用来为另一个动作的发生提供背景。表

般过去时。 He hurt his leg when he was riding a bike. 他在骑自行车时把腿摔坏了。

3. 现在进行时和过去进行时的区别:
1) 表示说话时正在进行的动作用现在进行时。 (am/is/are+doing)

I am writing a letter now.
Look! They are waiting for you.

are working 1. We ____________( work ) on a farm now.

is knocking 2. Listen! Someone ___________ (knock) at the door.
isn’t reading 3. Lucy ____________( not read) at the moment.

are running 4. Where are they? They ___________ (run) outside.

2) 表示过去某时或某段时间正在进行的动作要用过去进 行时。 (was/were +doing) My parents were watching TV at 8:30 yesterday evening. I wasn’t doing my homework when he called me .


行时表示过去正在进行的动作,可能没有完成。 e.g. He read a book last night. 昨天晚上他读了一本书。(读完了) He was reading a story book last night. 昨天晚上他正在读故事书。(还没有读完)

Say what the people were doing.
On Saturday, from about 12 noon to 2 pm, …

Last Sunday, during the day,…

At about seven o’clock last night,…

This morning, on my way to school, …

This time last year, …


1. “昨天早上七点钟你干什么了?” were doing What ______ you _______ at 7am yesterday? 2. 当你回来时,他正在看电视吗? watching _____ he __________TV when you came back? Was 3. 当我离开时,他正在做家庭作业。 He _____ ______ his homework when I left. was doing 4. 昨天中午他在哪里等你? Where was waiting _______ _____ he ________ for you at noon yesterday?

1 He was cooking when I came in. (改为否定句) He ______ _______ when I came in. wasn’t cooking 2 They were watching TV at eight last night. (就划线部分 提问) What were ______ _____ they doing at eight last night? ______

3. Ther

e’s nothing wrong with my bike. (改为同义句) isn’t anything wrong There ______ ________ ________ with my bike. 4. She saw a book on the desk. (完成反意疑问句) didn’t she She saw a book on the desk, ________ _______?

were watching 1. They _____________ (watch) the TV play at this time yesterday. was doing 2. She _________ (do) her homework when her mother came back. was raining 3. When they left this afternoon, it ___________ (rain). was lying reading 4. He _________ (lie) in bed and _________ (read) the books at 10:00 last night. swimming 5. Did you see them __________ (swim) in the river just now?

1. Use the following notes to write a short story about your past experience. . what was happening at the time . what you were doing

. what happened
. what happened next

. what happened finally
2. Work in groups. Read your story to your classmates.

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