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Unit 4 Where’s my schoolbag?

Period 2

Review Make conversations

Where’s the / my +单数名词? It’s on / in / under the ….

Where are the / his + 复数名词?
They’re on / in / under the ….

Translate the following sentences into English.

1. 我的钥匙在哪儿?在你的双肩背包里。

Where are my keys? They are in your schoolbag.
2. 铅笔盒在哪儿?在书架上。

Where’s the pencil case? It’s on the bookcase.
3. 他的书在哪儿?在抽屉中。

Where are his books? They’re in the drawer.


Look at the pictures and complete the conversations. 看图补全对话。

are A: Where ______ the keys?
on B: They’re _______ the table _________.


Look at the pictures and complete the conversations. 看图补全对话。

chair A: Where the ______ ? Is ______ it on your desk? under B: No, it’s _______ the chair.


Look at the pictures and complete the conversations. 看图补全对话。

are A: Where _____ the pencils? Are B: I don’t know. _______they pencil box in the__________ ?

A: Yes, they are.

3c PAIRWORK 结对活动
Ask and answer questions about the things below.

1. A: Where are the keys? B: They’re on the dresser _____________________.

2. A: Where’s the baseball?
B: _____________________. It’s under the table 3. A: Where’s the pencil case? B: _______________________. It’s in the backpack

4. A: Where are the pencils ? B: They’re in the pencil case _______________________. 5. A: Where’s the ruler ? B: _______________________. I don’t know

4 GAME 游戏

Ⅰ. Choose the best answer. ( A)1. —____________is Qingdao? —It’s ______Shandong.

A. Where; in
C. What; in

B. Where; on
D. What; on

( B)2. A door and two windows are ___the wall. A. on B. in C. behind D. near ( A)3. They come here ___Thursday morning.
A. on B. at C. in D. of

( D)4. Are the keys under the sofa?
A. Yes, it is. ( C )5.—Is this a book? —____________. A. Yes, it’s B. It is C. Yes, it is D. Yes, it’s and apple 解析:it is 可以缩写成it’s, 但在简略形式的 肯定回答中, 不能用缩写式, 故不选A。 B. No, it isn’t.

C. Yes, they aren’t. D. No, they aren’t.

( D )6. The apple is _______ the tree and the cat is _____ the tree, too. A. in, in B. on, on C. in, on D. on, in
但两者表示的意义不同。 指外来的东西在树上 用in, 指长在树上的东西用on。

解析:in the tree 和on the tree 都译为“在树上”,

Ⅱ. 根据要求完成句子。
1. My father and mother are in America.

(就划线部分提问) Where’re parents __________your__________?
解析: 划线部分是地点, 用where 提问, father 和mother 的总称是parents, 是复数。

2. Ben’s book is under the floor.
(就划线部分提问) Where is Ben’s book? __________ 3.The pictures are on the wall.

Where ___________ are the pictures?

Ⅲ. Fill in the blanks with t

he correct words given.

in on at near under on 1. Look over there. A math book is ______ the playground. on 2. There is an orange _____ the tree. 3. How many students are there ______ in the garden?

at 4. Where is your uncle? He is ____ school. in the tree. 5. There are some birds ____

Ⅳ. 改错:

1. Where’s are the keys?

Where are the keys?

2. Where are the baseball? A B C Where is the baseball? 3. It are on the table.
A B C They are on the table.

4. They is under the desk.

It is under the desk.

5. Where is the his book?

Where is his book?

Ⅴ. 翻译
1. 棒球在哪里? 它在沙发上。 Where is the baseball? It’s on the sofa. 2. 我的电子游戏机在哪里? 它在床底下。 Where is my computer game? It’s under the bed. 3. 你的书在哪里? 它们在抽屉里。 Where are your books? They are in the drawer.

4. 他的钥匙在哪里?它们在闹钟旁边。
Where are his keys? They’re near the alarm clock.

5. 她的背包在哪里?它在椅子后面。 Where is her schoolbag?
It’s behind the chair.

Ⅵ. 看图填空

This is my room. It’s very nice(漂亮). The on pictures are ___ the wall. The computer is ___ on under the desk. The baseball is _____ the chair. My books are in the bookcase. Where ____my _____ ______ are dogs? Oh, they are on the bed.


1. Try to memorize the conversation.
2. 听录音1b, 跟读5遍, 3.背Grammar, 抄2遍, 默写1遍。

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