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Language notes: 1. be back be back home get back come back

be back to school go back

2. My school in China is big.
3. It’s bigger than yours. your school 4. There are about 900 students in my school. My school has about 900 students. 5. My class has fifty pupils. There are fifty pupils in my class.

6. have classes = have lessons

Language notes: 1. be happy(glad, sorry) to do sth. 很……做某事 2. It’s fun to do sth. It’s easy to do sth.

3.I have more teachers and more fun. many much的比较级
4. a different classroom different classrooms

5. exercise 练习 可数 锻炼 不可数 早操 眼保健操 可数 The students have to do a lot of math exercises. Running is good exercise for many people. We not only do morning exercises but also do eye exercises.
6. like 7. pupil v. 喜欢 prep. 学生 中小学生 弟子 像…… 一样

student 学生 大学的研究生



A discussion: What are the same or different things between the schools in China and Canada?
In China the same things In Canada

have some teachers and students at about 8:00 at 8:30 smaller Every teacher has a different classroom. They go from room to room for their class.

the different things

bigger We have our classes in one room and the teachers come to us.

Think about it! 1. Who is your best friend? What do you know about him or her?

2. Think about your favourite photo of yourself. When and where was it taken?
picture photo = photograph

Look and answer the questions: 1. What is she doing? picture photo = photograph

2. What does Wang Mei say? wish to do sth. 希望做某事 3. Why is the lesson called “Many faces, one picture?

Listen and find the answers: 1. What does Wang Mei like to wear? His red coat. 2. What does Li Ming look like in the picture? A little boy.

Read and find the answers: 1. What are Li Ming and Wang Mei looking at? 2. What is Wang Mei wearing? 3. Who took this picture of Li Ming? 4. How old is Li Ming then? 5. How old is he now?

6. What photo does Li Ming like, the new one or the old one?
7. Does Li Ming have a new photo now?

Language notes: 1. wish to do sth. 2. their photographs for the class picture 3. a good picture of you your picture 4.You are wearing a red coat. in wear in +颜色(衣服) have … on put on 5. like to do sth. like doing sth. 6. look like… 看起来像…… He looks like his father. 7. take a picture = take a photo take a photo(photograph,picture) of … 给……拍照

Useful sentences: 1. Li Ming and Wang Mei are looking at their photographs for the class picture.

2. That’s a good picture of you.
3. You are wearing a red coat.

4. I like to wear my red coat.
5. I look like a little boy in it. 6. My mom took this picture. take --- took

Correct the mistakes:

1. I am back _______ to home.


2. Today was my _______ day of school in China. the first first ____ 3. My school is bigger than your. 4. I was happy ___ your e-mail. see 5. Every school ____ six classes. h

ave yours to see


_____________ 6. I like running. It’s a good exercise for me. good exercise ____ 7. He takes a picture yesterday. took

A task: Let’s make a class picture.

My name is Tom. ( I am Tom.)
I am fourteen years old. (My age is fourteen.)

I am 1.5 meters tall.( My height is 1.5 metres.)
I am wearing a yellow sweater.

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