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Module4 Healthy food

Unit2 Is your food and drink healthy

教 学 目 标:

知识目标:1.掌握一些表示食物的英语单词:hamburger, noodle, coke, rice?

2.掌握以下重点交际用语:What is your favourite food?

技能目标:能阅读关于食品的文章; 能谈论健康食品。学会用“but” 连接两


情感目标:通过谈论健康食品,懂得健康饮食的重要。Eating healthy food is

good for your health.


教学难点:用“but” 连接两个简单句。

课前预习: Write down their names as many as possible.

Vegetables: _____________________________________________________

Fruit: __________________________________________________________

Drink: __________________________________________________________ 教学过程

Step1 Revision

Step 2 Lead in

Work in pairs

A: What’s your favourite food? B: My favourite food is fish.

A: Is it healthy? B: Yes, it is.

Step 3 Reading Comprehension

1. Healthy food: meat, fish, _______, rice, ________vegetables

2. Unhealthy food: hamburgers, _________, ice cream

3. Healthy drink: ________, water,_________

4. Unhealthy drink: _____

Step 4 Read and Check ( ? ) the true sentences

( )1 Pork is healthy food.

( )2 Tomatoes aren’t healthy food.

( )3 Apples are healthy food.

( )4 Fish isn’t healthy food.

( )5 Rice and carrots are healthy food.

( )6 Beef and noodles aren’t healthy food.

( )7 Hamburgers and Coke are healthy food and drink.

( )8 Candy isn’t healthy food.

Step 5 Practice

Join these sentences with but.

1. Juice and water are healthy drinks. Coke isn’t a healthy drink.


2. Apples are healthy food. Candy isn’t healthy food.


3. Noodles are healthy food. Hamburgers aren’t healthy food.


4.Meat, vegetables and fruit are healthy food. Coke, ice cream and hamburgers are unhealthy food and drink.

________________________________________________________________ Step 6 Make a survey (做调查)and fill in the form with the answers. Interview your friends about their favourite food and drink.

“What’s your favourite food and drink?”

healthy. His favourite food/drink is ….but it isn’t healthy.

_____________________________________________________________________ Homework:

1.Copy the words and the article in Unit2.

2.Write a short passage about your favourite food and your parents’ favourite food.

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