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新目标英语八年级下Unit 6period 5

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1 Fill in the blanks with the words given. collect run out of know store raise 1. Our class is organize a talent show

to _____ money for charity. raise

2. I need extra English lessons. Do you _____ a good English teacher? know 3. My hobby is collecting old coins. ________ 4. I didn’t finish writing my test because I _________ time. ran out of 5. During the winter I store my ____ summer clothes in bags under my bed.

2 Read the ad. Then write a letter to apply for the job.
?Dear ?


I am interested in the writer job. I have

been listening to music videos since I was seven years old. I have

been watching English movies since two years ago. I have been watching sports for about five years. And I have been writing in English since 2001. I love writing. And I hope I can be a writer for our school newspaper.
Yours sincerely, Bob

1.How many Chinese dynasties

can you think of?
2. How many famous characters from Chinese history can you think of? Make a list.

3. Can you think of famous characters from the history of other countries? Make a list.

Scan the text for information to complete the sentences below. 1. Leo has been teaching in China for two years . 2. Some of the old buildings in Harbin are in Russian style . 3. The Song Emperor welcomed the first Jews to China. 4. In Australia, students usually study Australian and western history.

5. The more Leo learns about Chinese history , the more he enjoys living in China.

My name is Leo. I’m from Australia, And I’ve been teaching in China for two years. I teach in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province. This really an interesting city with a very colorful history. There is some European influence in the city, and some of the old buildings in Harbin are in Russian style. capital n. 省会;首都 European adj. 欧洲的 influence n. 影响 Russian adj. 俄罗斯(人)的 be in…style 具有…的风格

Since I came to China, I’ve been learning a lot about my family history. Although I’m Australian, my family is Jewish. So it was very interesting for me to learn that a lot of Jews came to live in Harbin many years ago. My parents were so surprised when I told them about this in China. In fact, the first Jews probably came to Kaifeng more than a thousand years ago, and were welcomed by the Song Emperor. Jewish adj. 犹太人的; Jew n. 犹太人 It is + 形容词+for sb to do sth

more than 比…多;多于…( =over) thousand n. 一千 emperor n. 皇帝

When I lived in Australia, I studied history at school, but we usually studied Australian or western history. However, when I heard that I was going to work in China, I started studying Chinese history. I’ve been studying for over two years now. My friends in Australia said that Chinese history was very hard to understand, but I don’t really agree. I think if you study hard, you’ll be able to understand any culture. For a foreigner like me, the more I learn about Ch

inese history, the more I enjoy living in China. foreigner n. 外国人 for a foreigner like me

the more…, the more… 越…越…

I really enjoy my time in China. Although I live quite far from Beijing, I’m certain I will be here for the Olympic Games in 2008! quite adv. 相当;十分 certain adj. 确实的;无疑的 be certain 确信…,肯定… the Olympic Games

Find out the news words in the passage.

Answer the following questions: Read Paragraph 1 :

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