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Teaching aims: 1. 知识目标: (1) Review the words. (2) Grammar: direct speech and reported speech. 2. 能力目标: Learn to report what someone said. 3. 德育目标: Ss should learn to help people who need help.

当主句是过去时,直接引语变 成间接引语时,几个主要时态 的变化规律:
Direct speech Reported speech 一般现在时 一般将来时 现在进行时 一般过去时 过去将来时 过去进行时

当主句是过去时,直接引语变成间 接引语时,一些词汇的变化规律: 直接引语 1. am/is 2. are 3. will 4. can 间接引语 1. was 2. were 3. would 4. could 5. might

5. may

? ? ? ? ? ? ?


1. A: I am going to buy a watch . B: What did he say ? C: He said he was going to buy a watch . 2. A: I will make my bed . B: What did she say ? C: She said she would make her bed . 3. A: I help my mother do housework . B: What did she say ? C: She said she helped her mother do housework

Review the reported speech and make a conversation. A: I am having a good time .

B: What did he say ?
C: He said he was having

a good time .
…… ……

1.Lana said, “ I can speak English .” Lana said she could speak English . 2.He said, “I’m going to buy a watch .” He said he was going to buy a watch . 3.Tom said to me, “ I will make a kite .” Tom told me he would make a kite . 4.She said, “ I help my mother do housework.” She said she helped her mother do housework. 5.He said, “ I am listening to music .” He said he was listening to music . 6.He said, “ You are good at math .” He said I was good at math .


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. She said she______ her homework at that time. C A. is doing B. does C. was doing 2. Jim said he _____ bring some drinks to your house. A A. would B. will C. can 3. He said he _____ to the beach every Saturday . C A. goes B. go C. went 4. She told us she _____ like singing . A A. didn’t B. doesn’t C. wasn’t 5. Mary said she ______ play basketball . B A. will B. could C. can 6. He said he ______ a party for his friend . B A. is having B. was having C. was haveing

Listen to the story and answer these questions.

?Look the picture and make a conversation .

当主句是一般过去时, 直接引语改为间 接引语, 要注意下列变化: 1. 人称变化: He said, “ I am busy .” ?He said that he was busy . She said, “ You are hard-working.” ?She said I was hard-working .

2. 时态变化: Lana said, “ I can ride a bike.” ?Lana said she could ride a bike . They said, “ We will have a robot.” ?They said they would have a robot. He said , “ I am looking for my pen.” ?He said he was looking for his pen.





1. Review the words again and recite them . 2. Review the direct speech and the reported speech again. 3. Prepare the new lesson before class . 4. Do Ex.1-3 of Page 38-40.

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