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1.He asked me, ” Where do you live?” 2.”Will you have robots?” the teacher asked the students. 3.He said to me, ” The sun is bigger than the earth.”

1. I think______ (predict) future is difficult. 2. They _____ (visit) the museum at this time last Sunday. 3. It’s time for ______ (have) class. 4. It’s time _____ (have) class. 5. After ___ (finish) my homework, I went out for a walk. 6. Listen to the teacher as_____ (care) as possible.


某地有某物________________________________ 将来时_____________________________________ 2.某人有某物__________________________________ 将来时_____________________________________ 3.明天的天气会怎样?(两种) ——————————————————————— ——————————————————————— 4. 预测未来是困难的。 ___________________________________________ 预测未来可能会很困难。 ___________________________________________ 1.

Seem 的用法
1.Seem + adj = seem _______ 2.Seem后接动词 ____________ 3.从句形式 _________________ 练习: 1.She seemed angry with me. = She ____ _____ _____ ____with me. = ____ ____ _____ she ____ angry with me.

Dear John, ? How’s it going? I hope you are well now. ? We have a lot of trouble in our life. (stress is everywhere in our everyday life) We are under too much pressure now. We have much homework to do and have no time to do things we like. Luckily, many things are changing. I think students’ life will be better and more interesting in 15 years. Books will only be on computers not on paper. They will study at home on computers. Robots will help them do many things and they will have more free time to do our own things. ? What about your life of study? I hope to hear from you soon. ? Love ? Li Ming

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