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九年级英语unit1 复习

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Translate these phrases

通过做抽认卡 by making flashcards 通过列单词清单 by making vocabulary lists ask sb. for help 向某人求助 watch English-language video 看英文录像 read aloud 大声读 和…练习对话 practice conversations with… 提高口语技能 improve one’s speaking skill 做…最好的方式 the best way to… be/get excited with/to do 因…而兴奋 end up doing 以…结束

Translate these phrases
犯错误 首先 一开始 后来 害怕… 嘲笑某人 造完整的句子 作语法笔记 做某事有麻烦 成为秘诀之一

make mistakes first of all to begin with later on be afraid of doing/to do laugh at sb. make complete sentences take grammar notes have trouble doing one of the secrets of becoming

Translate these phrases

look sth. up in a dictionary 查字典 make up conversations 编造对话 deal with 解决,处理 be angry with sb. 生某人的气 time goes by 时光飞逝 try one’s best to do 尽力做… 在某人的帮助下 with the help of/with one’s h compare…to 与…相比较 把…视为/当作 regard…as break off a friendship 中断友谊

How I learned to learn English? 表示顺序或承接的连词或词组: first of all 首先 to begin with 一开始 later on 后来,随后 also 也,而且(用于肯定句) either 也(用于否定句) so 因此 then 然后

1、你是怎样准备考试的?通过小组学习。 How do you study for a test? By studying with a group. 2、大声读来练习发音怎么样? What about reading aloud to practice Pronunciation? 3、我太忙了,没时间与你聊天。 I am too busy to chat with you.

1、她补充道和朋友会话一点作用也不起。 She addedthathaving conversations with frien at all wasn’t helpful . 2、我不知道怎样解决这个问题。 how to solve the problem. I don’t know 3、吉姆发现上课作笔记是有必要的。 Jim found it necessary to take notes in class.

1. 我的叔叔经常询问我的学习情况. asks My uncle often _____ me ______ my study. about

2. 他说最好的学习新单词的方法是通过看
英语杂志. way to He said the best _____ _____ learn the

by new words was _____ reading newspaper.

3. 听磁带是一种好的学习英语的方法. Listening to tapes _________ _____ ______ is a good way to learn English. 4. 他们以中文结束了对话. They ended _____ __________ in Chinese. _____ up speaking

5. 我害怕在课堂上讲英语. afraid to speak I’m ______ _____ ______ English in class.afraid of speaking
6. 我现在喜欢学英语了. learning I enjoy _________ English now.

6. 我总是不会造整句. complete make I couldn’t always ________ sentences ___________.

用所给词的适当形式填空 1. It’s rustrating for me to fail in the test. f 2. Most of the girls are a fraid to go out at night. 3. If I make a m istake ,don’t laugh at me. 4.Please speak aloud , I can’t hear you clearly.(loud) 5.Your pronunciation is no

t good enough. You’d better practice more.(pronounce) 7. Can you always understand spoken English?(speak 8. I’m too to say anything.(excite) excited 9. Everyone wants to be a good language learner .(learn 10. The best way to learn more English is by using it .(learn

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