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⑴句子中有so far , up to now , till now ,until now , recently , lately , of late , these days , in the past / last few years时

②since 从句用一般过去时,主句用现在完成(进行)时,

③since / ever since /since then 在句末时,主句用现在完成时;for +一段时间(A:表包含现在在内的一段时间,此句用现在完成时,B:表不包含现在在内的一段时间,此句用一般过去时;)

④It/ This is the first time that ….从句用现在完成时;


Eg. (1) I have learned English for ten years .

(2)Lang Ping is the chief coach of our national volleyball team . But she was a coach for several years

in America.

(3) We have held a discussion recently. =We held a discussion recently.

(4)He has been writing his new novel these days.

(5) I haven’t heard from him lately/ of late.

(6) The unemployment rate in this district has fallen from 6 % to 3% in the past two years.

(7)According to China’s Ministry of Health, HIV and AIDS cases in China have risen by 30% since 2005.

(8) I have learned English for 3 years since I came here.

(9) He said he had learned English for 3years since he had come here.

(10) I have been teaching here for 15 years since 1999since I came here.

(11) It is 3 years since I came here.

(12)It has been 3 years since I came here.

(13) He said it was 3 years since he had come here.

(14)It is/has been 3 years since my father smoked.( 译 )自从我父亲不吸烟到现在3年了

(15)They moved to Beijing in 2008, and they have lived there since /ever since/since then.

或And they have been living there since/ever since since/since then.

(16) When you have finished with my dictionary, do not forget to put it on my desk. (17 Don’t g。 表现在完成

二、过去完成时 had (been ) done

① by +过去时间,主句用过去完成时

② before 从句是一般过去时,主句用过去完成时或一般过去时。 ③ It /This was the first time that...从句用过去完成时

④凡是能推断出发生在“过去的过去”的动作或存在的状态,用过去完成时。 ⑤ 在虚拟条件句中,用过去完成时表示与过去相反。

If I had studied hard before ,I would passed the last examination.


① by + 将来时间,主句用将来完成时

② 根据语境推断出用将来完成时


当句子中出现将来的某个具体点时间或段时间或then (指将来的“那时候”)

You’d better not phone me between 8 and 10 tomorrow morning because I will be having an important

meeting then.


① yesterday, last Monday , in 1980 , in the 1980’s , 等具体的过去时间出现时 ② when+ 过去时,主句用一般过去时或过去进行时

③ 有时用would do 表示过去常常做?

When he was at college ,he would go to the school library.

④ 虚拟语气条件句中用一般过去时表示与现在或将来事实相反。

⑤ 过去时用于固定句式中

It is time that...从句中

I would rather ?从句中用一般过去时表与现在或将来相反

I wish ?从句中用一般过去时表与现在相反


⑴ It is /has been + 段时间+ since从句(用一般过去时)

⑵It was + 段时间+ since从句(用过去完成时)

⑶主句(现在完成进行时)+ since 从句(一般过去时)

⑷It will be + 段时间+ before 从句(一般现在时)

⑸It was + 段时间+ before 从句(一般过去时)

⑹It won’t be long before 从句(一般现在时)

⑺It wasn’t long before 从句(一般过去时)

⑻ It is + 点时间 + when 从句(用一般现在时)

⑼ It was + 点时间 + when 从句(用一般过去时)

⑽It’s time that?从句用一般过去时或should do

⑾ It’s the first time that ?从句用现在完成时

⑿ sb. would rather + 从句(从句用一般过去时表示与现在或将来相反;用过去完

成时表示与过去相反 )

⒀ sb. wish +从句(① 用一般过去时表示与现在相反 ②用would /could /might do

表与将来相反 ③ 用过去完成时表与过去相反 )

⒁If 虚拟条件句中的固定时态


(1)It has been/is three years since he came back.

别于:It has been /is three years since his father smoked.

(2) He said it was three years since he had come back.

(3)I have learned English for three years since I came here.

(4)It will be three years before he comes back.

(5)It was three years before they moved again.

(6)It won’t be long before he comes back.

(7)It wasn’t long before they moved again.

(8)It is nine o’clock when he comes back.

(9)It was 1980 when his brother joined the army.

(10)It’s time that we had/should have our class

(11)It’s the first time that I have visited the Great Wall.

(12)I would rather you went home tomorrow /now.

I would rather you had gone home yesterday.

(13) I wish I were as young as you.

How I wish I could go to the moon one day.

I wish I had studied hard before, but in fact I didn’t.

(14)If I were you , I would study hard.

If I had studied hard before ,I would have passed the college examation. If it rained tomorrow , I would stay at home.

If it rained tomorrow , I would stay at home.

If it should rain tomorrow ,I would stay at home.

(15)If it were not for?若不是?的话(与现在或将来相反)

If it had not been for?(与过去相反)

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