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第I卷 ( 选择题 )


一 单项选择

1. What does your brother want _______ when he ___________?

A. to be, grow B. be, grow up C. to be, grow up D. to be, grows up.

2. He keep on __________ stories every day.

A. writing B. writtting C. to write D. write

3. There __________ a match this afternoon.

A. will have B. are going to have C. is going to have D. is going to be

4. What are you going to do _____________?

A. last night B. yesterday C. just now D. this evening

5.--___________ are going to get good grades?--- I’m going to study harder.

A. Where B. What C. When D. How

6. He’s going to practice _________ basketball every day.

A. play B. to play C. playing D. plays

7. My uncle is going ____________ Shanghai next year.

A. move B. move to C. to move D. to move to

8. I’m going to write articles and ________ them __________ magazines.

A. take; to B. send; to C. bring; to D. get; to

9. An _________ must take __________ lessons.

A. acter; acting B. acter; act C. actor; acting D. actor; act

10.He likes _______, so he wants to be a _________. And he is going to a ________ school.

A. to cook; cooker; cooking B. cooking; cook; cooking C. cooking; cooker; cooking

11. My parents wants me to be a doctor, and I _________ that.

A. be sure about B. am sure C. am sure to D. am sure about

12. She wants to study______________. So, she’s going to an______________place.

A. education; education B. educational; educational

C. educational; education D. education; educational

13. I’m going to learn ________ teach children.

A. what to B. where to C. when to D. how to

14. The old man and the sea________ Hemingway is popular.

A. write B. with C. in D. by


15. Now I know ________________writing stories.

A. Why are you so good at B. why do you so good at

C. Why you so good at D.. Why you are so good at

二 完形填空

Everyone has a dream. So does Mike.

Mike likes music very much. His ___16___ is good and he sings well. When he was very young, he wanted to be a great___17_____. But now he is a doctor. He works in a big hospital. He has to ___18____ the patients(病人) carefully every day. He often plays light music when he is_____19____. He finds lots of patients are ___20__ when they hear the beautiful music. So he ____21____ a CD player in the waiting room(候诊室) and plays the music___22___ his patients every day. All his ___23___ think Mike is a good doctor. Tonight, there is __24_____ in his city. He likes the pop music very much. Can he go to the concert? __25___ not. He has work in the hospital.

16 A. voice B. sound C. sight D. hearing

17.A. scientist

18.A. look at

19.A. sleeping

20.A. nervous

21.A. gives

22.A. beside

23.A. friends

24.A. a movie

三 阅读理解


Young people have many dreams. Here are Lei Ping and her friends’ dreams. Lei Ping is going to be an actor. She likes acting. She thinks the actors are well-known and they can make lots of money. She is going to take acting lessons. Her friend Yong likes writing. He is going to write articles for the magazines when he grows up. He thinks reading more is good for writing. So he often reads books in the library now. The other friend Li is going to be a teacher. She thinks children are lovely and in the long vacation she can do what she wants to do.

26. Lei Ping’s dream is to be a(n).

A. actor B. pilot C. bank clerk D. reader

27. What does Lei Ping think of the job of actor?

2 B. pilot B. look out B. working B. sad B. sends B. for B. families B. a concert C. musician C. check over C. speaking C. sleepy C. puts C. near C. patients C. an opera C. Had better D. astronaut D. prepare for D. taking D. happy D. buys D. by D. workmates D. a cartoon D. Maybe 25.A. Of course B. If

A. The actors are well-know. B. The actors can travel anywhere.

C. She doesn’t like actors. D. She thinks they are tired.

28. How is Yong going to achieve(实现) his dream?

A. He is doing more exercise every day.

B. He is writing articles for the magazines.

C. He is reading books in the library. D. He is taking writing lessons after school.

29. Li is Lei Ping’s .

A. reader B. cousin C. sister D. friend

30. These ideas of the young(年轻人) are .

A. interesting B. not fit them C. not to be true D. wrong


Some children wish to be writers some day. They want to write stories or books for people to read. That's good! It's good to write something for people to read! But they should know that they need to be good readers first before they are really good writers. They should read a lot of books, instead(代替) of watching TV and spending a lot of time playing games when they are free.

There is more fun in reading, you want to look for more books to read. Before you decide(决定) to be a good writer, you'd better say to yourself, "I must read more and more!"

31. This article mainly tells us that ________.

A. some children wish to be writers some day

B. it is good to write something for people to read

C. reading can be helpful for us to become a good writer

D. writers like to read more books for fun

32. Some children want to be writers ________.

A. because they want to be good readers

B. to write stories or books for people to read

C. to find good work some day

D. to get more money to keep a family

33. It's good for children ________.

A. to do a lot of reading B. to watch TV in the evening

C. to have wishes only D. to be good writers right now

34. Reading can ________.

A. help you to be a good player B. help you write well

C. make you work better D. make you watch more TV at home

35. From the passage we know that ________.

A. all children like to be writers B. people like to read for children

C. all writers are children D. children need to read more and more books 3


一 根据汉语意思完成单词。

1. Bill Gates is a world famous computer _________________(程序设计员) 2. Mike play the violin the best in his country. He is a ____________(小提琴家) 3. As a _________(司机), you must be careful on the road.

4. Yuan Longping is a _________________( 科学家). He is good at growing rice. 5. If you are ill, you should take some ______________(药物)。 6. There are many famous ____________(大学) in the world. 7. What’s the main idea of the _____________(文章)? 8. He’s going to learn ______________(教育)

9. My new year’s __________________(决心) is to get good grades. 10. He wants to learn another __________(外国的) language. 二 用所提示的单词或短语翻译下列句子。 1你长大想成为什么?(when)

_____________________________________________________________________________ 2.我打算每天都练习打篮球。(practice doing)

_____________________________________________________________________________ 3. 我打算学习另一门外语。(be going to)

_____________________________________________________________________________ 4. 我新年的决心是学习弹钢琴。( to learn to )

_____________________________________________________________________________ 5. 我打算当我完成高中和大学时开始。



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