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英语:Unit 3 Let’s celebrate Reading 2课件(译林牛津七年级上)

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Unit 3 Let’s celebrate
Reading 2

1,通过对文章的理解进一步了解万圣 节的知识。

What do people st? do on Oct. 31

How to celebrate Halloween?

dress up

trick or treat

eat sweets

pumpkin lanterns

have parties

Language points


vt. 告诉 告诉某人关于某事

tell sb. about sth.

My grandfather tells me about the story

Can you tell me something about
your family?

let 让
Let’s celebrate. ? =Let us celebrate. ? 让我们一起练习讲英语吧! ? Let’s practise speaking English together. ? 让我们去读书俱乐部吧! ? Let’s go to the Reading Club. ? Let ___(she) learn more about the world.

be interesting 有趣的 ? be interested in 对某事感兴趣 ? The game is ____(interest). So I am ____ (interest) in it. ? My little brother is very _____ (interest) and he is _____ (interest) in football game.

as ? dress ? dress up ? dress up as ? As a teacher, I should love my students. ? My cousin can dress himself. ? We often dress up at Halloween. ? I’m dressing up as an old man.


? ? ?

mooncake a mooncake eat mooncakes Mid –Autumn Festival enjoy the moon

give sb. sth. = give sth to sb.

He gives us a big pumpkin.
= He gives a big pumpkin to us. Can you give me some candies?

=Can you give some candies to us ?
They give a present to each other.

1.(1).thank sb. for 译为“因为…而感谢某 人” Thank you for the beautiful flowers.

Thank you for your birthday present.
(2) Thank sb./ Thanks for doing sth. Thanks for your help. Thanks for helping me .

2. We play a game called “trick or
Called “被叫着……;被称为……” =named 或 with the name of

a. 一个叫Simon 的男孩 a boy called Simon b. Do you know the dog called Hobo? =Do you know the dog named/ with the name of Hobo?

3. If they do not give us a treat, we can play a trick on them. give a treat 意思为“招待……” play a trick on sb 对某人做一个恶作剧
a. 王老师经常招待我们。 Mr Wang often gives us a treat. b. 那个小男孩经常对同学恶作剧。 The little boy often plays tricks on his classmates.

4.It’s my first time to watch the lion dance and I am very excited.
It’s one’s first time to do sth.这是某 人第一次做某事。

It’s my first time to visit the Great Wall.

b.这是他第二次打破邻居 的 窗子。
It’s his second time to break his neighbour’s windows

Four students a group, try to retell the text one part after another inside small groups, later I’ll ask some students to retell in front of the class.

Some key words
thank you for telling wear special costumes

knock on
give some candies play a trick paint face dress up

make pumpkin lanterns
cut out have a party eat chocolates and candies do not eat moonc


Make a call to retell the text
Wendy: Is that Millie speaking? Millie: This is Millie speaking. Hello Wendy.

Wendy: Hello Millie. Thanks for telling me about Mid-Autumn festival. I’ll tell you how to celebrate Halloween. Millie: Really? Thanks. How do you celebrate it in the USA?

Wendy: Well, we play a game called …, we …people’s doors and …..Usually,they…. If they don’t … ,we can …. My friend and I always … at Halloween. We … .Sometimes we … and people don’t know who we are. Millie: It is wonderful! Are you ready for this Halloween? Wendy: Yes. I will wear … . We… for Halloween. We …the eyes, the nose and the sharp teeth. Millie: That sounds great! What about your family? Wendy: My family always … on the evening of October 31st. We don’t … and we … . Would you like join us that time? Millie: Really? Great! Thank you! See you then. Wendy: OK! See you!


Write a letter about the Mid-Autumn Festival
Points: 1.When is the Mid-Autumn Festival?

2.How to celebrate it?
3.The origin(来历)of it. Words: about 70-80.

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