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七年级上unit2Section B 1

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教学名词如何 变复数

1. sister (复数) _______ sisters

2. parent (复数) ______ parents
3. this (复数) _______ these

4. those (单数) ______ that
they 5. it (复数) _______

6. 谁;什么人 _______ who

7. 过得愉快!__________________ Have a good day!
8. 那是我的家人。________________ That’s my family. 9. 这是我的朋友简。 ________________________ This is my friend, Jane.

10. 那是你的祖父母吗?
_________________________ Are those your grandparents? 11. 她是谁?____________ Who’s she?

mother/ mum brother

father/ dad
I’m a girl. (女孩)







我 cousin 堂妹


Is that your father? No. He’s my uncle.

my uncle

Is that your mother?
No. She’s my aunt.

my aunt

Are these your friends? No. They’re my cousins.

my cousins

1a Add the words in the box to the family tree. sister son cousin grandpa mom aunt grandpa grandma

dad daughter sister (4) (_______)

mom (1) uncle
(_____) (3) son (brother)

aunt (2)

daughter cousin (______) (5)

1b Listen and check (√) the words you hear.
grandpa __ √ mom __ brother __ grandma √ __ cousin √ dad __ __ uncle___ aunt ___ √ √ sister ___ friends √ ___

1c Listen again. Which picture are Jiang
Tao and Tom talking about?

2b Read about Jenny’s family and circle the names.

My Family Hi, I’m Jenny. Here are two nice photos of my family. My grandfather and grandmother are in the first photo. These are my parents, Alan and Mary.

In the next picture are

my brothers, Bob and
Eric. These two girls are my sister Cindy and my cousin Helen. Coco is in my family, too.

Let’s check the answers.
Jenny 1. My name’s __________.

parents 2. Alan and Mary are my _______. 3. Bob and Eric are my ________. brothers
4. Cindy is my _____. sister

5. Helen is my ______. cousin
6. _____ is the name of my dog. Coco

2. Here are two nice photos of my family. 1) Here is/are… 倒装句,“这里有某物”, Here is+名词单数, Here are+名词复数 e.g. Here is a red schoolbag. 这里有一个红色的书包。 Here are nine rulers. 这里有九把尺子。

2) two photos of my family 意为“二张

词 + of + 名词”表示前者属于后者。

例如:the name of the dog 狗的名字
the gate of the park 公园的大门

a map of China 一幅中国地图


时:名词’s, 本身以s 结尾的单词直接
加 ’

Mary’s pen 玛丽的钢笔

my parents’ room 我父母的房间

3.photo 和 picture 都表示“照片;相片”。

My brother and I are in this picture/photo.

next作形容词时,意为“下一个的;接 下来的”;作名词时意为“下一个;接 下来”。
e.g. The next student is Jenny. 下

一名学生是詹妮。(形容词) Let’s look at the next. 让我们来看下一个。(名词)

and 意为“和,又,而”,它连接两


Linda and Lily______ in the next are


一、2a Find the male and female first names in this unit and write them.


_____ Jack ______ _______ ______ Tom Bob Alan _______ ______ ______ Eric Paul John

Female: _____ ______ ______ _______ Jenny Linda Mary Sally _______ ______ Cindy ______ Jane Kate ______ Helen

1. Sam and Nick ______ good friends.

A. is house.
A. is

B. are

C. be

2. Here _______ a nice picture of my B. are C. be

3. The name _____ the school is JEF
Middle School.

A. in

B. on

C. of

4. Jenny is my dad’s sister. She’s my _____. A. aunt A. dogs B. uncle B. girls C. cousin C. boys 5. Those two ________ are my sisters.

son, photo, daughter, girl, of, next 1. Here’s a photo of Mary’s family. _____

2. Wang wang is the name __ my dog. of
3. Bob is my father. I’m his ___. son

4. Eric and his sister are in the ____ picture. next
5. That’s Mr. Miller. His _______ is Jenny. daughter

6. —Who’s that ___? girl
—Oh, she’s my cousin, Cindy.

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