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英语:Unit 3 Let’s celebrate Integrated skills课件(译林牛津七年级上)

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Unit 3 Let’s celebrate

Traditional festivals(传统节日)

lion dance

let off fireworks

Chinese New Year

Mid-Autumn Festival

eat mooncakes

tell the story of Chang’er

In the West

Halloween dress up trick or treat wear special costumes with masks

Merry Christmas

get a lot of presents Father Christmas will come and give children lots of presents.

Warm up:
A: What’s your favourite day in a year?
B: My favourite day is --- ---

A: Why do you like it?
B: Because I can --- ---

Listen and fill in the blanks, then make a similar dialogue with your partner.
avourite S: Which is your f______ day in the year? M: My b______ is my favorite day. irthday S: When’s your birthday? . n ctober M: it’s o____ 3rd O______. S: Why do you like your birthday so much? M: I always have a p_____ and I get lots of arty resents p_____. ives S: Who g_____ you the presents? M: My parent, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

Look at the poster, complete the table below.
Activity Time Place Chinese food 2p.m.-5p.m. Wang’s Restaurant

Lion dance Music and dance Fireworks

1 p.m

Peel Street

Chinese 9p.m. Midnight Community Center Mott street 8p.m.

January 13th Dear Millie



? ?

New York Gong He Xin Xi! I am on holiday in_______I Chinese New Year want to see the _______________party here. There are lots of interesting things here. I am Lion dance going to watch the _________. It is my first time to see it and I am very excited. After that, traditional Chinese food I am going to eat _______________________. fireworks At night, there will be ________in Chinatown. What do you do for Chinese New Year in Beijing? Lots of love Wendy.

Talk about your favourite festival !
which? When? why? who?
April Fool’s Day

Homework Make your favourite festival poster and write a short passage about it

Mid-Autumn Day

Children’s Day

Christmas Day

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