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英语:Unit 3 Let’s celebrate Main task课件(译林牛津七年级上)

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Unit three Let’s celebrate

main task

1. When is Halloween? 2. Who celebrate it? 3. Do Chinese people celebrate Halloween? 4. What do people do to celebrate Halloween? 5. Do you know how to play ‘trick or treat’? 6. How do we make pumpkin lanterns?

7. What else do people do to celebrate Halloween?

What is Halloween?

How to celebrate it?

31st October

dress up

People celebrate it

play `trick or treat`

play `trick or treat`

get a treat or play a trick

make pumpkin labterns

cut out the eyes --- --

have Halloween parties

put candles in them

eat chocolates and candies

Complete the poster
Halloween is on___________ . People in the west 31st October celebrate _________ it. People celebrate Halloween in many ways. Children wear specialcostumesand masks at _______ Halloween. Many children play a game

called______________ .They knock on their trick or treat
neighbours’ doors and shout _______________.Their trick or treat neighbours usually give them a treat of some

candies. If the children do not get any candy, they
can play a __________on the neighbour. trick

Some people also make __________ lanterns out of big orange___________ . pumpkins They cut out the eyes, the nose and the sharp teeth. They put __________ in them candles so the light shines through the eyes , the nose and the teeth.

Make a poster about Chinese New Year according to the following flow chart.

Chinese New Year
What is Chinese New Year?

How to celebrate it?

In January or February

buy new clothes--- -watch TV or fireworks

Have a big dinner

visit friends/relatives

以My favourite festival 为话题,自

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