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英语:Unit 3 Let’s celebrate Reading 1课件(译林牛津七年级上)

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Unit 3 Let’s celebrate

Reading 1

candy (candies)

drink (drinks)

chocolate (chocolates)

Warm up
1,What’s your favourite day? 2,What special day do the children in America have?

knock on
play a trick

trick or treat

dress up wear special costumes with masks Paint faces

pumpkin lantern

have a party

1.Wendy celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival in the USA.F 2.Halloween is Wendy’s favourite festival.

3.People give Wendy and her friends candies at Halloween. T
4.Wendy never dresses up at Halloween.

5.This year Wendy will wear a lion costume. F 6.They always hold a party on the morning of October 31st. F 7.The party usually starts at about 8 p.m. T 8.Halloween is in autumn. F

1.What do people give children as a treat?
They usually give the children candies as a treat.

2.Why do children paint their faces? 3.How do the children make a pumpkin lantern? They cut out the eyes, the nose and the sharp teeth. 4.What do they do at the party?
They eat a lot of special Halloween chocolates and candies.They have hot drinks and eat lots of nice,hot food. People don’t know who they are, and they think it’s wonderful.

Conclusion: How to celebrate Halloween?

dress up

trick or treat

eat sweets

pumpkin lanterns

have parties

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