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英语:Unit 3 Let’s celebrate Reading课件(牛津英语七年级上)

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Dashing through the snow On a one-horse open sleigh Over the fields we go Laughing all the way Bells on bob-tail ring making spirits bright What fun it is to ride and sing A sleighing song tonight Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way Oh what fun it is to ride

Unit 3


Getting ready for Halloween

Tell me other special days (festivals).
/ ’spe∫l /

Which is Wendy’s favourite festival? /’wendi/ girl from the USA a

Listen and answer
What is Wendy’s favorite festival?

Complete the passage

telling Thank you for _______ me about
______________________. the Mid-Autumn Festival We do not celebrate it ___________but we in the USA celebrate H________ . Halloween is alloween ________ my _________ festival. We have favourtite _______________ on October 31st. _______ a special party

What do they do for Halloween?
How do they spend Halloween?

What do you do for Halloween? ? Play a game called…knock…shout…give us…as… ? Dress up …wear…costume…paint…know… ? Make our own special … … for…cut out…

Listen and answer

? What else do they often do?

Listen and discuss
? What do they do on the evening of October 31st? ? What time does the party begin? ? Do they eat mooncakes?

? If not, what do they eat?
? And what do they drink?

Read P40 ,41 and do B2 on P 42

Complete and act out Millie: Hi, Wendy! What’s your favourite festival? Wendy: _____________________________ M: What do you do for Halloween? W: __________________________________ M: What do you always do at Halloween? W: __________________________________ M: What do you sometimes do? W: __________________________________ M: What will you wear this year?W: __________________________________

? ? ? Read and recite the letter; Copy and remember the new words and expressions; Finish the exercises Period Two

--How do they make the pumpkin lantern?
--They cut out the eyes, the nose and the sharp teeth.

a pumpkin lantern

make a lantern out of a pumpkin

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Lantern ,lantern, a pumpkin lantern Make a lantern out of a pumpkin Make a pumpkin lantern Lanterns, lanterns, pumpkin lanterns Make lanterns out of pumpkins Make pumpkin lanterns Make lanterns out of oranges Make lanterns out of paper

What do they wear?
special costumes
/ju:/ a costume


a mask

four masks

special costumes with masks

a tiger costume

wear special costumes People_________________
with masks. __________.

Let’s chant.
Mask, mask, a special mask. Costume, costume, a special costume Tiger, tiger, a tiger costume. Masks, masks, special masks.
Costumes, costumes, special costumes. Wear special costumes with masks.

paint my face paint his face paint our faces

paint your face paint her face paint their faces

Guess: Who is he/she? Do you know ? Because he/she paints his/her face.

What do they do?

Trick, trick, play a trick . Treat, treat, give him a treat . Give him candy as(作为) a tr


trick or treat

a game called
‘trick or treat’
/i/ /i:/

Play ‘trick or treat’

? knock on/at the door ? shout ‘trick or treat’ ? give them a treat ? give them … as(作为) a treat

Practise saying!

If you don’t give us a treat , we will play a trick on you.

? ? ? ? Trick, trick, play a trick. Treat, treat, give us a treat. If you don’t give us a treat, We will play a trick.

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