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2013年新外研版七年级英语上册Module 7 Unit 3

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Module 7 Computers

Unit 3

Language in use

1. How do I write my homework on the computer? 2. What do I do next?

3. Where do I write the name?


To learn present simple tense:

1. The present simple tense

2.一般现在时的特殊疑问句 (Wh-questions in present simple)

定义: 表示经常性、习惯性的动作或现在的 状态。 V. 原形 构成: 肯定句:主+V. V. 第三人称单数

don’t 否定句:主 + +V.原
doesn’t Yes, 主+do/does.

Do 一般疑问句

+主+V原? No, 主 Does +don’t/doesn’t.

一、特殊疑问句的构成:是由“疑问代 词或疑问副词 + 一般疑问句”构成的。 二、特殊疑问词: what (询问事物) how much (询问价格) what time (询问时间, 尤其是钟点) what kind of (询问种类)



who where

(询问人) (询问地点)

注意:特殊疑问句不能用yes或no来回答, 而应根据它所询问的内容直接作答。 e.g.:

1. How do I write my homework on my computer? 我怎样在电脑上写作业? 2. How do I save the document? 我怎样保存这个文件呢?

3. What do I do next? 我下一步该做什么? 4. How do I print the document? 我怎样打印这个文件?

5. How many emails do you send? 你发送多少邮件? 6. How often do you use a computer?

7. What do you usually do on the


注意: 当主语为I/We/You/They/名词复数时, 用V原形; 当主语为He/She/It/不可数名词/名词单数 时,用V第三人称单数。 3. 与之连用的时间状语: always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, never, every day/week, on Sundays/…, at the weekend

1.Match the questions with the answers (Activity 1)

1) 2) 3) 4) a) b) c) d)

Where do you save your homework? b When do you use a computer? c How many emails do you write every week? d Who do you write to? a I write to my friends. I save my homework in a document. I use my computer after school. I write three or four emails.

2.Complete the conversations.( Activity 2)
1).__________save my document? How do I Click “save” and “OK”. 2).______________ do with his computer? What does he He sends emails. 3).__________________her computer? What does she use She uses her computer every Sunday. Who do you write emails to ? 4).________________ I write emails to my friends. 5).___________________________ How many emails do they send every day? They send ten her emails every day.

3.Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets (Activity 3) doesn’t see (not see) his uncle, but he 1)Tony________ sends ______ (send) emails. use 2)We ____(use) the Internet on our computer, but don’t play we_______ (not play) games. doesn’t use 3) Daming _________(not use) a computer to do play his homework, but he uses it to ________(play) music.

4). She _______(make) travel plans makes on the Internet ,but she doesn’t

buy _________(not buy) tickets.
don’t have 5). We ___________(not have) a computer use at home ,but we _______(use) the computer at school.

4. Complete the sentences with the correct
form of the words from the box. (Activity 4)

check like plan talk use checks 1) Tom _______his email every Saturday. use 2) I have a computer, but I don’t _______it. 3) Come to my office. Let’s plan for our _____ holiday. 4) My mother doesn’t ____computer games. like talk 5) I can ______ to my friends on the Internet.

The first computer
My name is ENIAC. I am the first

computer in the world. I was born in 1946
in America. I am very big, about one and

a half times the size of a classroom. I am
very heavy — 30, 000 kilos!

5.Work in groups of three. Write questions about students and computers.

Do you have a computer at home? Do you use a computer for your homework?

Name 1 Name 2

Possible answers
1.Do you play computer games at home? 2.What do you use your computer for?
3.Do you share your computer with your parents? 4.What do you use your computer?

7.Work with the whole class. Make a survey about students and computers. Use the notes you made in Activity 6 to help you. Seven students have a computer at home. Five students use a computer for their homework …

一、单项选择。 1. — ____ do you have an English lesson? — Every day. A. How often B. How long C. How many D. How much 2. — _______ are you going now? — The bus stop. A. Why B. How C. Where D. what

二、对划线部分提问。 1. I usually do my homework on your computer at home. What do you usually do on your computer at home? 2. I sometimes play Counter Strike and Final Fantasy.

What games do you play ?

3. I have breakfast at eight. When do you have breakfast? 4. I want to make friends with you. Who do you want to make friends with? 5. I come from USA. Where do you come from? 6. I sleep eight hours every night. How many hours do you sleep every night?

My computer I am Alex. I have got a new computer at home. I can use it to do my homework and play games on the Internet. I also get information for my lessons on the computer. In the evening, I often visit the websites. Sometimes, I send photos and emails to my friends. I like my computer.


Review the grammar we have learned today.

To preview the new words and expressions in Module 8 Unit 1.

通过本节的学习,使多数学 生掌握了本节所复习的一般现在 时的用法、句型结构以及一般现 在时的特殊疑问句,但个别学生 对一般现在时的特殊疑问句掌握 不够。

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