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1. 允许某人做某事

allow sb to do

2. 被允许做某事
3. 允许做某事

be allowed to do
allow doing

4. 请别人做某事
5. 穿耳洞

get/have sth done
get one’s ear’s pierced

6. 代替做某事
7. 熬夜 8. 打扫,清除 9. 考试不及格 10.考试及格

instead of doing
stay up clean up fail a test pass the test

11. 对某人严格要求 be strict with sb

12. 在…一丝不苟

be strict in

13. 全神贯注
14. 现在

concentrate on
at present


have an opportunity to do have off
get in the way of care about spend on be serious the importance of

16. 使某人保持某种状态keep sb +adj.

17. 休假
18. 妨碍,影响 19. 担心,关心 20. 在…花钱/时间 21. 对…是认真的 22. ….的重要性


be afraid/terrified to do

2. 过去常常,曾经
3. 习惯于做某事

used to
be used to doing

4. 是….的成员
5. 开着卧室的灯

be on
with the bedroom on

6. 去睡觉
7. 整天 8. 与某人聊天 9. 花费时间做某事

go to sleep
all day chat with spend….doing seem to do=it seems that

10. 在刚刚过去的几年里in the last few years 11. 好像

12. 负担得起

afford to

13. 尽可能….的
14. 做决定

as ….as possible
make a decision in the end = at last

15. 令某人吃惊的是 to one’s surprise
16. 最后

17. 放弃做某事

give up doing
no longer even though pay attention

18. 对….感到骄傲 take pride in=be proud of 19. 不再 20. 即使 21. 注意,留心

1. 通过做某事

by doing

2. …怎么样?
3. 大声朗读

what about ……?
read aloud

4. 向某人求助

ask sb for help

5. 发现做某事…. find doing+adj.=find it adj. to do

6. 做某事的方法 the way to do=the way of doing
7. 说的太快 speak too quickly 8. 观看某人做某事watch sb doing 9. 对…..感到激动 get/be excited about 10.以….结束 11.犯错误 end up doing make mistakes

12. 练习做某事

practice doing

13. 英语口语
14. 后来,随后

spoken English
later on

15. 没关系
16. 害怕做某事

it doesn’t matter
be afraid to do

17. 嘲笑
18. 做笔记

laugh at
take notes

19. ….的秘诀/诀窍 the secrets of 20. 做某事有困难 have trouble doing 21. 查阅,查找 look up

22. 编造,组成

make up

23. 处理,应对
24. 生某人的气

deal with
be angry with

25. 过去

go by regard….as….
with the help of break off complain about worry about=be worried about change …..into….

26. 尽某人最大努力做…try one’s best to do

27. 把….当做/视为
28. 在某人的帮助下 29. 中断,突然中止 30. 抱怨 31. 担心,为…忧虑 32. 把….转变成….

1. 数百万的

millions of

2. 把它捐给医学研究
3. 如果我是你

give it to medical research
if I were you

4. 如果….怎么办
5. 长痘痘

what if
get pimples

6. 感到紧张
7. 做某事前 8. 当众 9. 未经许可 10.要求某人做某事

get nervous
before doing in public without perm

ission ask sb to do

11.要求某人不要做某事 ask sb not to do

12. 邀请某人做某事

invite sb to do

13. 等待,等候
14. 请求某人的许可

wait for
ask one’s permission

15. 根本不,一点也不
16. 充足的,很多的

not…in the slightest
plenty of get along with sb right away=at once come up with=think of come top let sb down

17. 宁愿做某事也不做某事would rather do than do
18. 与某人相处 19. 立刻,马上 20. 想出,提出 21. 名列前茅 22. 使某人失望或沮丧

33. 受伤

be hurt

34. 向某人寻求建议 ask sb for advice hurry to 35. 匆忙去

23. …的解决办法

solutions to

24. 做某事有经验
25. 偶然的,意外的

have experience doing
by accident

26. 出版,发表
27. …..的建议

come out
advice on

28. 拒绝做某事

refuse to do

29. 把某物藏在某人够 hide sth from sb 不到的地方 30. ….的危害 31. 用….覆盖 32.同意做某事 the dangers of cover sth with sth agree to do

Jim is a kind boy. One day, it was sunny. He went to school. On his way, an old man stopped him. He told Jim he couldn’t find the way home. But Jim didn’t know, either. So they asked the police for help. After that, Jim decided to take the old man home by bus. With the help of Jim, the old man found his house. The old man’s son said thanks to Jim. At last Jim was late for school. But he felt really happy. What a good boy! We should learn from him.

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