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冀教版英语八年级下册Lesson 19 The zoo is open

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Lesson 19 The zoo is open

The knowledge points:

1. We don’t have school.

2. somewhere \anywhere \nowhere\anywhere为任何地方,用

在疑问句和否定句中\if \whether 引导的从句中;形容词后置

3. would \might \could \may be \do sth 可能是\ 做

can’t be \do 不可能是\做

must be \do sth 一定是\做

4.had better (not) do sth 最好做\不做…

5.buy sth for sb buy sth from sw

6.help sb (to )do sth help sb with sth

7.stop sb (from )doing sth =keep sb (from )doing sth =prevent sb (from )doing sth 阻止某人做某

8.go extinct 灭绝

9.living\ live\ alive

living:用作表语和定语。活着的 live:有生命的,前置定语修饰动植物 alive:活的,有生命的,用作表语和后置定语。

10. all kinds of … different kinds of … many kinds of… a kind of … kind of= a little +adj\adv 有点

11.protect (v) 保护 protection (n) 保护 protector 保护 者 protective (adj) 保护的

keep \ protect sb from \against sth保护…不受 …的侵害。

12. We’ll need our caps to protect us from the sun.

13.bring\ carry \take

14.zoos can help people to stop animals from going extinct .

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