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2013年新外研版七年级英语上册Module 7 Unit 1 How do I write my homework on the computer

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Unit 1 How do I write my homework on the computer?

1.掌握本单元的单词keyboard ,mouse, screen, ------paper 及短语:connect to, turn on等。 2.掌握四会句型: 1).How do I write my homework on my computer ? 2).What do I do next? 3).Where do I write the name? 4).How do I save the document? First ,open a new document .Then ,use the mouse and click “new document”. 3.掌握一般现在时的特殊疑问句的用法。


2.掌握一般现在时的特殊疑问句 教学难点:


Warming up
1. /?ki:,b?: d/ keyboard 10./kl? k/click 2. /ma?s/ mouse 11. /ju:z/ use 3./ma?s/ mice 12./se? v/save 4./skri:n/ screen box 13./b?ks/ 5./k??nekt/connect 14./?fa?n?li/ finally 6. /t ?: n/ turn 15./pr?nt/ print 7. 打开 turn on 16/?pe?p?/ paper 8./l ?: n/ learn 17./?pr?nt?/ printer 打印机 18. / ?m?n ? t ?/ monitor 9./?d? kj um?nt/ document

Do you know what the main parts of a computer are ?






Let?s learn the parts of the computer .






1.Listen and number the words as you hear them. 2 1 3 keyboard □ mouse □ screen □



2.Label the parts of the computer.



switch on
turn on

3. Complete these sentences with these words


turn on

1 First, connect the screen to the computer. connect 2.Next,_________the keyboard and the mouse to the computer. turn on 3. Finally, the computer.

Listen again and answer:
What does Lingling want to do on the computer? She wants to write her homework ?. ? Who is good at using the computer?


Now number the instructions as you hear them

2 5 1 3 4

a) Write your homework. b) Print your document. c) Open a new document. d) Save the document. e) Put some paper in.

1. Finally, switch on /turn on the computer. 最后,打开电

(1)switch on意思是“打开或接通电源”。其反义

词组为switch off“关闭,切断”。turn on打开; turn off关闭。 (2)on和off都是副词。若代词作宾语,要放在动词 和副词的中间;而名词作宾语时的位置比较灵活, 可放在中间,也可以放在后面。

完成句子 ①请打开书翻到第20页。 Please ________ your books and turn to Page 20. ②请关上电视, 让我们出去散散步吧。

Please ________ ________ the TV set. Let’s go out for a
walk. 【点拨】①open ②switch/turn off

2. First, open a new document. 首先打开一个新建文件夹。 (1)本句为祈使句,省略了句子的主语you, 句中的谓语动词 用原形,表示命令、邀请、请求等语气。 (2)first“首先,第一”,是one的序数词。 first (首先), next (然后,其次), then (然后), finally (最后) 是表示顺序的副词。在英语中,我们可以


这四个词的先后顺序是: first→ next→ then→ finally

①Open the door, please. (改为否定句 )
________ ________ the door, please. ②先打开一个新建文件夹,然后把你的作业写在新文件里。 ________ , open a new document. ________ , write your homework in the new document. 【点拨】①Don’t open ②First, Next/ Then

(1)祈使句由肯定句变为否定句时往往在动词之前加don’t构成 否定句。(2)Then, next都表示接在某种动作或情况之后,它们 单独使用时都可放在first后面。

3. 特殊疑问句 = 特殊疑问词(What, Where, When, Which, Who, How …) + 一般 疑问句 1. How do you open a new document? (How 怎样) 2. Where do you write your homework? (Where 什么地方) 3. How do you save the document? (How 怎样)

4. Where do you write its name? (Where 什么地方) 5. What do you do next? (What 什么) 6. How do you print it? (How 怎样) 7. When do you get up every day? (When 什么时候) 8. Who is you English teacher? (Who 谁)

Is this it?
What?s next? Of course!

Remember to use words like
first, next and finally when

you talk about a sequence of
activities. Notice where the comma goes.

5.Answer the questions?
1 How do you open a new document? I click the mouse on “new document”.
2 Where do you write your homework? I write my homework in the new document. 3 How do you save the document? I click “save” and write a name for the document.
4 Where do you write its name?

I write the name in the box. 5 How do you print the document? I put the paper in there first and then click “print”

6.Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words from the box.

finally learn paper print save learn 1.I want to______ how to print a document. Save 2. _____ your document and write a name for it. paper 3.Put some _______ in there to print your document . print 4.Click “_________” and “Ok”. 5.________,go and get your document. Finally

7.Find the words from the box in the conversat Write the words they go with. Work in pairs.

open print save use write


a new document
the keyboard
the homework / the name

1 use 2 write 3 save 4 print

the document the document

8.Listen and repeat. how mouse

home of

open save

Ask and answer questions about

A: What’s this?

B: It’s the keyboard.
A: How do you write your

homework on the computer?

一、根据句意及首字母提示完成单词。 1. Let me do it a gain I’m sure it will be ___. OK. 2. Please t urn _____on the lights. I can’t see anything. 3. The printer to print the document. _____is 4. Where do you write ___the name? 5. You c____ “save” and write a name for lick it. 6. First, connect the screen _____to the computer.

二、翻译下列短语。 1. 连接显示器 与主机 2. 打开电脑 3. 打开一个新 文件 4. 使用键盘 5. 给它命名 6. 再点击保存 connect the

monitor to the computer turn on the computer open a new document use the keyboard write a name for it click “save” again

7. 把 …... 连接 …...
8. 在电脑上

connect … to … _______________

________________ on the computer 9. 建立一个新文件 ___________________ open a new document 10. 使用鼠标 use the mouse ______________

11. 点击新文件

_________________ click the new document

12. 写下你的作业 write your homework ___________________ 13. 保存文件 _________________ save the document
14. 放一些纸到那里 put some paper in there ______________________ 15. 打印文件 print the document ___________________

16. 关上电脑

___________________ turn off the computer

三、单词拼写: 1. A computer(电脑) has a computer(主机) a monitor(显示器)、a keyboard (键盘) and a mouse (鼠标) . 2 . Bety wants to do her homework on the computer. She turns (接通)on the computer, opens a new document (文件). Then (然后),she clicks (点 击)it ,writes her homework. Finally(最后) she saves (保存) it.


How do you spell “computer”? C-o-m-p-u-t-e-r.


How do I do my homework on the computer?

How do you save the document?

How do I print my homework?

How does Tom use the mouse?

1. Read activity 4.

2.Use a computer to write an article
“How do I write my homework on the computer?” (Using first…next… then…finally…)

通过本节的学习,使多数学 生掌握了本单元所学的词汇、 一般现在时的特殊疑问句以及 课文的语言点,但个别学生没 有掌握一般现在时的特殊疑问 句。

Thank you for listening.


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