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1. His ______(brother) aren’t at home. 2.My schoolbag is in my ____(parent) room. 3.Look! They are my ______(cousin).

4.This ruler is _____(he)._____(she)is in_____ (she)schoolbag. 5.Is this eraser ______(you)? No. It’s _____(Mike).

6._____(it) is a black dog. _______(it) name is Coco.7.______(they) friends are all good students. 8.Those ______(watch) are _____(they). _______(they) are black. 9.The pencil _______(box) are _______(he). ______(they)are nice. 10.There are some_______(photo) of ______(I) family. 11.Our _________(dictionary) are on the bookcase. 12.There are two___________(library) in our school.

13_____(she) is my sister. Call ______(she) Mary. 14.This set of _______(key) is mine.

1. I ______ a boy. ______ you a boy? 2. The girl______ Jack's sister. 3. Those _____oranges 4. _____you American? 26.

5. ______ your brother in the classroom? 6. Where _____ your mother? 7. How _______ your father? 8. Mike and Liu Tao ______ at school. 9. He _____ in Class 4, Grade 1. 10. This set of keys ______ for Yang Ling. 13.Can you ______ (speak) English? 14. I ______ ( not know) her. 15.What about ______ (play) baseball.16.Thank you for ______ (help) me. 17.

Nice ______ (meet) you.

18.She always ______ (ask) “Where is my bag?” 19.I ______ (have) a clock.

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