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2013年新外研版七年级英语上册Module 7 Unit 2

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Module 7


Unit 2

When do you use a computer?

Objectives: 1. To understand computers make our daily life convenient; 2. To learn some key words and useful expressions 3. To grasp the general idea of the passage

Words: share, manager, company, customer, information Phrases: Talk to, on the computer, go on the Internet, make travel plans, listen to music, do my homework, a lot of games Patterns: There is a computer in my home. I search for information. I can use it on Sundays.

Do you know in what ways computers are used today? Work out a list and compare with your partner.

search for …

see movies

listen to music

read books and magazines

send emails to friends

download music
and films

buy things online

play games on the computer

look at photographs on the computer

draw pictures

use a computer for school work

take part in chat groups

Words and expressions

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words and expressions customer n. 顾客 /’k?st?m?/ Australia /?s’tre?l??/ n.澳大利亚 game /ge?m/ n. 游戏 share /?e? / v. 分享;共用 company /’k?mp?ni/ n. 公司;剧团 often /’ ?fn/ adv. 经常 Internet /’ ? nt?,net/ n. 因特网 check /t? ek/ v. 检查;查看 train /tre?n/ n. 火车 travel /tr?evl/ v. 旅行

Words and expressions

plan /pl?en/ n. 计划 v. 计划;打算 ticket /’t? k? t/ n. 票 music /’mju:z? k/ n. 音乐 movie /’mu:vi/ n. 电影 night /na? t/ n. 夜晚 search /s?: t? / v. 搜寻;搜索;搜查 search for 搜寻;查找 information /, ?nf?’me??n/ n. 信息 email /’i:me?l/ n. 电子邮件

Words and expressions
send game sometimes cinema clothes visit holiday

/send/ v. 发送 n. 游戏 /ge? m/ /’s?mta?mz/ adv. 有时候;不时 n. 电影院 /’s?n? m?/ n. 衣服(总称) /kl? ue z/ /’v?z?t/ v. 探望;参观 /’h? l?de?/ n. 假日;节日

1 Listen, read and answer. 1 Who can use the computer on Sunday?

Mike. 2 Who shares a computer with his father?

3 Who has a friend in Australia? Alice.

1. There is a computer in my home, and my father and I share it. 在我家里有一台电脑,我和爸爸共用它。 share作动词,意为“共用,分享”。若要 表示“和某人分享某物”, share后面直 接跟表事物或情感的名词作宾语,常用 share sth with sb。如: Jack often shares his apples with his sister. I really want to share my happiness (快乐) with you.

2. On the Internet, I search for information, do my homework and check my email. 在因特网上我搜索信息,做作业,检查 邮件。 information是不可数名词, 有 “消息, 情 报, 知识, 见闻” 的意思, 没有复数形式。 Can you give me any information on this matter? 关于此事,你能给我提供什么消息吗?

3. But sometimes I play a lot of games and my mother doesn’t like it. 但有时我玩许多游戏,妈妈就不喜欢 它。 sometimes是

副词,意为“有时候,有 时”,表示频率,常和一般现在时连用。 它常位于行为动词之前,系动词、情态 动词或助动词之后。如: Linda sometimes goes to the park with her parents. sometimes还可以位于句首或 句末。如:Sometimes Mary does her homework at school.

2 Check (√) the true sentences. 1 Jack’s father uses the computer every Friday night. 2 Alice checks emails at home.
3 Mike likes playing computer games. √

4 Mike and his parents use their home computer.

3 Match. buy check go on make play share talk to search for watch work for

a company a computer customers emails games information the Internet movies tickets travel plans

在一家公司上班 共用一台电脑 和顾客讲话 检查邮件 玩游戏 搜索信息 上网 看电影 买票 制定旅行计划

4 Complete the passage with the correct form

of the words from the box. check customer information Internet movie plan search send share ticket You can use your computer to do lots of things on the (1) _______. You can (2) _______ for (3) Internet search __________ information about things to do. Are you (4) planning an evening at the cinema? What time ________ does your (5) _____ start? You can (6)_____ on movie check the Internet. What about shopping? Many (7) customers _________ buy books, clothes and many other things on the Internet. And do you want to visit friends or family? Many people buy train (8) ______ tickets on the Internet. You can also (9)_____ send emails or speak to friends. But remember to share (10)_____ the computer with your parents!

5Answer the questions. Write them down.
1 Does your father/mother use a computer? My father uses a computer but my mother doesn’t. 2 What do you do on a computer? I write homework on my computer.

3 When do you use a computer?

I use my computer every evening.
4 Do you play computer games? What games do you play?

Yes, I do .I play Warcraft.
(英 ['w?:krɑ:ft] 美 ['w?:?kr ɑ:ft] n. 军舰,军用飞机; 兵法 魔兽争霸,魔兽世界)

Think and discussion:
1. Have the computer and Internet become part of your life? 2. How has computer changed our life?

一、根据句意及首字母提示完成单词。 1. Do your homework quickly. Your teacher is coming to c____ it. heck omputer 2. I’m a teacher. I use my c_______ for my lesson. isten 3. I l____ to music from the Internet. 4. I usually play games on the Internet, but s________ I do my homework on it. ometimes rain 5. People often travel by t____ or ship on holidays.

watch movies 1. 看电影 2. 发送电子邮件 send emails 3. 查火车时刻表 check the times of trains /check the train timetable

4. 搜索信息 search for information

5. 制定旅行计划 make travel plans 6. 上网 go on the Internet/go online 7. 买票 buy tickets 8. 听音乐 listen to music

三、用所给动词的适当形式填空。 doesn’t look 1. Zhang Hua ___________ (not

look) like his father. 2. Don’t swim (not swim) here, it’s __________ dangerous (危险的). 3. His father is a worker and he ______ works (work) in a factory. 4. She ____ (do) the homework every does evening. 5. I don’t use (not use) the Internet or ________ send emails. 6. She doesn’t play (not play) games. __________

1. Read the passage again and review the new words and expressions; 2. Write down what you use computer to do (30-50字).
check emails, go on the Internet, computer, search for, information.

1. To preview the use of Wh-questions
in present simple tense;

2. To practise the vocabulary.

通过本节的学习,使多数学生 掌握了本单元所学的单词 、短语、 句型以及课文中的语言点,但个别 学生对课文中的语言点掌握不够。

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