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丁辉初三英语上册Unit 6 定语从句

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Unit 6

I like music that I can dance to.

that has great lyrics. I like music that I can sing along with. that I can dance to

that isn’t too loud.

Talk about the music you like.
A: What kind of music do you like ?

B: I like music that I can sing along with. isn’t too loud I can dance to has great lyrics What about you?
A: I prefer music that has great lyrics.

Look at the picture and circle the sentences you agree with.Then write your own sentence.

(Attributive clause) ?概念:在复合句中修饰名词或代词

Mary is a beautiful girl.

Mary is a girl who has long hair.
句子作定语,修饰girl, 叫做定语从句

Mary is a girl who has long hair.
先行词 关系代词


定语从句 关系副词 Where, when

which, who, whom, whose, that

1.The man is a worker. 2.The man is speaking at the meeting.

The man who is speaking at the meeting is a worker.

Mary is a girl. Mary has long hair.


Mary is a girl who has long hair.

? 定语从句的用法:
?当先行词是物时, 用which 或that引导.
These are the trees which were planted last year.

?当先行词是人时, 用who, that引导.

?who 作定语从句的主语或宾语.

The man who is speaking at the meeting is a worker.
The man is a worker. 分解 The man is speaking at the meeting. 作主语

?that 可以作定语从句的主语和宾语.

注意: 关系代词作动词宾语时可
省略. The woman (whom/ that) they wanted to visit is a teacher.

?序数词或最高级adj修饰先行词时 Tom is the cleverest boy that I have ever known.
? all, everything, nobody 等不定代 词作先行词时 Everything that we saw in this film was true.

1. I have a friendwho/that likes ________ listening to classical music. 2. Yesterday Emily was wearing the which/that new dress __________ I gave her.

which/that 4. My parents live in a house__________ is more than 100 years old.

which/that 6. Kevin is reading a book __________
is too difficult for him.

that 7. Is there anything ________ you want
to buy in the town.

that 8.All ______ we can do is to study hard. that 9. The first one _____ stands up is a
little boy.

1.这就是救了那个孩子命的医生. This is the doctor who saved the boy’s life. 2.正在跑步的那个人是我的叔叔. The man who is running is my uncle.

3. 我喜欢可以随之而唱的音乐.
I like the music that I can sing along with. 4. 住在隔壁的那个女的是一名教师.

The woman who lives next door is a teacher.

prefer 更喜欢

1. 比起….更喜欢….

prefer sth to sth
= like sth better than sth


I _______ oranges ____ apples. prefer to
= I ____ oranges _______ _____ apples. like better than 2. 比起做某事来更喜欢做某事 prefer doing to doing Alice prefers _______ (dance) to _______ (sing). dancing singing

3. 宁愿做某事也

prefer to do rather than do=would rather do than do 即时练习: 我宁愿呆在家里看书也不愿意去参加聚会。

1) I ______ rather stay at home and read a book _____ would ______ than go to a party.
2) I ______ ____ stay at home and read a book rather _____ prefer to _____ go to a party. than

1. 跟…跳舞
2. 随…唱歌

dance to
sing along with

3. 有美妙的歌词
4. 什么样的音乐 5. 比起….跟喜欢…

have great lyrics
what kind of music prefer sth to sth

6. 比起做某事更喜欢做某事 prefer doing to doing 7. 宁愿做某事也不愿做某事 prefer to do rather than do

Listen and circle “T” (for true) or “F” (for false).
1. Carmen likes musicians who play different kinds of music. 各种各样的 2. Xu Fei likes Dan Dervish. 3. Carmen likes music that’s loud. 4. Xu Fei prefers groups that play quiet and gentle songs. T F T F T F T F

1. I love singers ________ write their own music. A. who B. which C. what D. whom

2. Jim prefers ______ (sing) to ______ (dance).
3. Nancy preferred ____________ (stay) at home rather than ____ (go) to the zoo with his friends . 4. I like apples better than pears. (同义句) I __________ apples _________ pears. 5. I like music that I can dance to. (划线部分提问) ________ _______ _______ music do you like?

6. The man is our new headmaster. He visited our class yesterday. (合为一句) The man ________ ________ our class yesterday is our new headmaster.

7. My brother likes music. He can dance to it. (合 为一句) My brother likes music ______ he can _______ _______.
8. He likes art, but he likes music better. (同义句) He __________ music _________ art.

9. The girl is Lily. She wears a white skirt. (合为一句) The girl _____ ______ a white skirt is Lily.

10. Carmen prefers musicians. The musicians can write their own songs. (合为一句) Carmen prefers musicians ______ ______ write their own songs.
11. 喜欢歌词极佳的音乐。 I like music that _______ _______ ________. 12. 我的父亲喜欢跑步胜过散步。 My father _________ running _______ walking.

What does she think of the CD?

1. It’s the kind of music

who write their own lyrics. Brazilian dance music.

2. She likes musicians

3. She doesn’t like songs who sing the words clearly. 4. She likes singers that you can dance to.

5. The music is like

that are too long.


Read the reviews. Circle the things the reviewers like, and underline the things the reviews don’t like. Yellow River Fisherman has

This is Hong Tao’s latest movie. I like Hong Tao. do/does/did+动词原形 He’s made some great movies over the years. 表强调:的确,确实 Unfortunately, this is his worst movie. If you’re looking 虽然,尽管 for entertainment, stay at home and watch TV. Yellow River Fisherman is too long, and it’s really boring. It does have a few good features, though. I thought the fisherman’s wife was really funny.


be sure of doing 他对

通过考试很有信心。 Be sure toHe ______ _____ _____ ____ Gallery. see this exhibition at the Lido the exam. 陈列,展览 Amy Kim is one of the best known Chinese on show photographers in the world today, and some of her best loved photos are on display in this exhibition. She really interest sb: 人物 has something for everyone. There are many great photos 没那么成功 引起某人的兴 照 of the countryside. The few city of people and 趣 photographs are less successful. I 一位世界级摄影师 see the same things 不论你做什么 every day and they don’t interest me as much. But this is whatever=no class photographer. Whatever 错过 a great show from a worldmatter what you do, don’t miss this exhibition.

Read the reviews. Circle the things the reviewers like, and underline the things the reviews don’t 一定要做某事 做某事有把握/信心: like. Amy Kim, Photography


Read the reviews. Circle the things the reviewers like, and underline the things the reviews don’t like. Wildhave seen现在完成时态 and Windy

have/has+过分 Over the years, we’ve seen musical groups with pretty strange names come and go. Few have stranger names than this band. As the name suggests, the band has lots of energy. And they play the kind of music that I love to hear. Every song is really loud and often you can’t understand the words, but this is okay because the lyrics aren’t very good. However, these are musicians who make us happy even on a Monday morning!

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