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江苏省涟水四中七年级英语上册《Unit 3 Welcome to our school! Study Skills and Task》导学案

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江苏省涟水四中七年级英语上册《Unit 3 Welcome to our school!

Study Skills and Task》导学案(无答案) 牛津版




教学重点:It takes/took?to do sth.

教学难点:go to?on foot






Pen club pretty day back get home

Room night sing late read year well

/m/__________ /?/____________ /n/____________

/r/___________ /w/__________ /j/___________

/l/___________ /g/ ___________ /k/___________

/h/___________ /b/____________ /t/____________

/p/__________ /d/____________


1、 预习情况交流

2、 交流自主学习中的题目




1.Thanks_________your letter.

2.I study________Hongri Middle School.

3.There is a tree_______front of our class.

4.I go home_______foot every day.

5.It takes me________(大约)an hour to do homework.


1.My favourite____________(学科)are English and Maths.

2,Xiang Ming is_________(擅长)at swimming.

3,I like playing with my classmates a_______class.

4,Our school is____________(如此)big and beautiful.

5,You often____________(borrow)storybooks from the library.

6,There__________(be)some good news to tell you.

7,He is very clever.Let’s ask__________(he)about this question.

8,There is too__________(many)water on the ground.



1,I like basketball best. Please give_______a book about it.

2,Daniel is kind to me. I want to make friends with_________.

3,Mary is a good student. All the teachers like_________very much.

4,This is my cat. Could you help me look after___________?

四,完型填空。 Today is Sunday .It is a 1 day . The sky is 2 . Mr White , Mrs White , Kate and Tom 3 walking in the park . Some 4 are on the lake(湖). Mr and Mrs White are 5 at the boats. Kate is not looking at 6 . She is 7 at a red bird in a big tree . Tom is looking at a 8 in the 9 . They have a 10 time .

( ) 1. A. good B. fine C. right

( ) 2. A. black B. blue C. yellow

( ) 3. A. is B. are C. do

( ) 4. A. ships B. boats C. cars

( ) 5. A. looking B. watching C. seeing

( ) 6. A. they B. them C. it

( ) 7. A. watching B. looking C. seeing

( ) 8. A. plane B. bike C. people

( ) 9. A. sky B. lake C. road

( ) 10. A. fine B. good C. well


John lives in a new house . He likes playing in a river . But there isn’t a river near his new house. He is not happy (开心).

One day he asks his mother , “Is there a river near here ?” “No, there

isn’t .” his mother says . “But here , our new house has a garden .” “But it’s very small ,I don’t like it .” John says .

One morning , his mother says, “There is a beautiful park near here , and

there is a pool(水池) in it . We’ll go there in the afternoon .” John is very happy .

After lunch ,John and his mother go to the park , and he plays in the pool .

And his mother is watching him under a tree .

( ) 1. John lives in the new house ______________ .

A. in the park B. near a river C. with a garden

( ) 2. He likes playing ___________ .

A. in his new house B. in a river C. in the garden

( ) 3. There isn’t __________ near his new house .

A. a river B. a park C. a garden

( ) 4. John and his mother go to the park _______________ .

A. in the morning B. in the afternoon C. in the evening

( ) 5. John can play ___________ and he is very happy .

A. in the river B. in the garden C. in the pool




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