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江苏省涟水四中七年级英语上册《Unit 5 Let’s celebrate! Task》导学案

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江苏省涟水四中七年级英语上册《Unit5 Let’s celebrate! Task》导

学案(无答案) 牛津版

教学目标:1. 完成有关节日及其庆祝方式的短文。


教学重点:1.词汇: important most off packet

词组: let off red packet

2. 完成有关节日及其庆祝方式的短文




1.Mid-autumn Festival is an _________(重要的) festival in China.

2.I'm very ________(激动的)because today is my birthday.

3.We can get a red________(包) from our parents in at Spring Festival.

4.They like to let off_________(烟花) at night.

5.People ________(庆祝)Chinese New Year in many ways.

7.He often comes back at ________(夜晚).

8.They often have a long ________(假期)in July.

9.Don't ________(敲) on our neighbours’ doors.

10.We usually have meals three ________(次数)a day.


1.It's about_an_hour's_walk from here to school.

________ ________ is it from here to school?

2.My father often goes to work on_foot.

________ ________your father often go to work?

3.She dances for_two_hours.

________ ________ ________ she dance?

4.The students have a class meeting once_a_week.

________ ________do the students have a class meeting?

5.He has three comic books.

________ ________ comic books does he have?

6.He is thirteen_years_old.

________ ________ is he?


( )1.—Can I have ________ sweets?

—Sorry, I don't have ________. I'll buy ________from the supermarket.

A.some; any; some B.any; any; some

C.any; some; some D.some; any; any

( )2.—________ kind of shoes do you like?

—The black ones.

A.Where B.Which C.How D.When

( )3.Children knock ________ Uncle Wang's door. He gives them some candies ________ a treat.


A.on; as B.on; of C.at; on D.at; of

( )4. —________do you usually celebrate Father's Day?

—On the third Sunday of June.

A.When B.What C.Why D.How

( )5.—Which of the festivals is in summer?


A.Teachers'Day B.Thanksgiving Day C.National Day D.Children's Day

( )6.September 10th is ________.

A.Women's Day B.Children's Day C.Mid-Autumn Day D.Teachers'Day

( )7.—I'm going to Hainan ________ a holiday.

—Have a good time.

A.for B.on C.with D.in

( )8.—How often do you have piano lessons?


A.Three B.Two times C.Ususlly D.Twice a week


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