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【学习目标】能理解时间表达;能识别学校学科。能理解关于学校的一天的对话。 【学习重点】时间、学科。

【学习难点】一般现在时句子的使用结构。 【学习过程】 一、自主学习 (一)课前预习


7:00_____________________ 12:00_______________________ 4:00_____________________ 7:05__________________ ________________ 3:25____________________ _________________ 7:36__________________ ________________ 1:58___________________ __________________ 5:30__________________ ________________ 11:30__________________ __________________ 2.写出学科名。 学科________________

语文_______________数学________________英语_________________体育______________ 地理_______________历史________________美术_________________科学______________ 音乐_______________信息技术____________ 3.短语。

在八点半________________________ (在几点几分用介词__________) 在下午__________________________ (在上午、下午、晚上用_______) 在周三__________________________ (在星期几用介词_____________)

在周一下午__________________________ (在星期几的上午、下午、晚上用______) 4.Read the phrases.

Have Chinese have English have maths have art Have science have geography have history have PE Have IT have music


1.Learn the time. Ask and answer.

What time is it? /What’s the time?

6:40 six forty / twenty to seven 2.Learn the subjects.



1.Do you like maths? ___________,because_________________________________ 2.Do you like English? ___________,because_________________________________ 3.Do you like geography? ___________________________________________________ 4.What’s your favourite subject?___________________________________________ 5.What lessons do we have today?____________________________________________


1.Listen and check the true sentence.(Activity 3) 2.Read in pairs.

3.Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box.(Activity 4)

三、成果检验 (一)达标练习

1.Ask and questions about you. When is your geography lesson? When is your English lesson? When is your Chinese class?

2.Talk about your school day.(Activity 7) 3.用相应的介词填空。

1. I have dinner __ seven at home.

2. Lucy can go to the factory ____ her mother.

1 No pain,no gain.不劳无获。


3. Do you read English __ the morning? 4. ___ Friday they go to the park.

5. I often have bread and milk ___ breakfast.


1. 今天上午玲玲和大明有一节数学课。

Lingling and Daming ____ __ ______ ______ this morning. 2. 你的历史课在什么时候? _____ __ your history ______? 3. 我们上午没有英语。We _____ ____ English in the morning.

4. — 今天是星期几? — 星期五。— _____ ____ is it today? — It’s ______. 5. 我们八点钟上语文。We have ________ at ______ _______. 6. 他们喜欢化学, 但是不喜欢数学.They ____ _________, but they _____ ____ _______.


1.根据课文填空。 Tony and Betty are in the same class.They have four__________ __________the morning.They __________Chinese__________eight o’clock________Monday morning.They have__________ __________five__________nine.They have IT_____twenty_________ten and then they__________ __________.Tony likes ______ but it’s __________.____________Monday afternoon,they have two__________:English and __________.

_________ Friday____________,they have English,Chinese,PE and___________.And ________the afternoon,they have art and_____________,but they________have maths. Betty likes history and she__________ ________ __________it.It’s __________favourite____________ because it’s very____________.Tony’s favourite subject is Chinese.He can__________ __________his Chinese friends. (三) 同步测试。

I. 根据句意及首字母提示写单词。

1. —When do you get up? —I get up at half p_____ six. 2. The English lesson s_______ at seven in the morning.

3. We often have h_______ in the classroom. It’s my favourite lesson. 4. —What’s the t_______?—It’s eight o’clock. 5. Tom often t____ about football with his father. II. 根据句意及汉语提示写单词。

1. I often have ________(早饭) at seven o’clock. 2. You can take a _______(休息) after lunch.

3. Which would you like to drink, water _______(或者) milk? 4. —Let’s ________(完成) our homework at school. —Good idea. 5. His new book is ______ (关于) his family.


1. It’s 对划线部分提问)_______________________? 2. I have English in the morning. (改为否定句)______________________.

3. I get up at six o’clock. I have breakfast at half past six. (合并句子)________________. 4. We have no classes at the weekend. (改为同义句)_______________________.

5. The science lesson is at . (对划线部分提问)________________________? IV. 根据汉语意思完成句子,词数不限。 1. 今天星期几?______________ is it today?

2. 我们在八点半上数学课。We have maths ____________. 3. 我喜欢和朋友交谈。 I like ___________ my friends.

4. 你每天早上什么时候起床?When do you _____________ every morning? 5. 打篮球怎么样?______________ basketball?

6. 星期六我们不上学。 We ___________ on Saturday. Ⅴ. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. Let’s _______ (go) home after lunch.

2. When do you finish ________(read) that book?

3. My grandmother often _________(watch TV) after dinner. 4. Lucy starts ________(do) her homework at six o’clock. 5. What about _____(have) dinner with us? Ⅵ.情景交际。

根据下面对话内容,从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话,有两个多余选项。 A: Hi, Lucy. 1.____________B: I get up at six o’clock. 2._____ A: I get up at half past six.B: Do you go to school at seven o’clock?

A: No, I don’t. 3.______My house is next to the school. B: What time does school start? A: 4.______________B: Do you have lunch at school? A: Yes, I do. 5.____________B: Where is it? A: It’s behind the school library.

2No pain,no gain.不劳无获。

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