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I want to be an actor .

I want to be a…


Ask about your partners “What do you want to be?” and fill in the form.


wants to be …

Your future
What do you want to be in the future?

Do you want to be a …?






shop assistant





doctor 医生

nurse 护士



Police officer 警官

actor 演员




shop assistant


? Ⅱ.连线题:请将下列职业与其特点连接起来

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

interesting boring busy exciting difficult dangerous fun

a doctor an actor a policeman a reporter an office clerk a cook a waiter

What are their jobs?






Do you know what job he / she does

shop assistant






bank clerk


Unit 4 1a
Match the words and the pictures.

I want to be an actor.

f 1.shop assistant___ 2.doctor___ b 3.actor____ h C 4.reporter___ a 5.policeman___ 6.waiter___ d e 7.bank clerk___ g 8.student___


Listen and number the people [1-3] in the pictures above.







waiter student

policewoman actor doctor

What does Anna’s mother do? She’ s a bank clerk. What does Anna’s mother want to be?

She wants to be a policewoman.

He/She is … He/She works …

Guess the job (1) I work with people and money. People give me their money or get their money from me.

bank clerk You are a____________

Guess the job (2) I wear a white uniform and I help doctors. Sometimes I work in the day and sometimes at night.
You are a____________ nurse

Guess the job (3)
My work is interesting but kind of dangerous. Thieves don’t like me.
policeman You are a____________ policeman

Guess the job(4) I like talking to people. I meet interesting people every day and ask them questions. You are a____________ reporter

Guess the job (5) I work late. I’m very busy when people go out to dinners. waiter You are a____________

What do you do ? I am a student.

What does your father do ? He’s a driver.

警察 _______医 生 doctor ______ reporter student 记者 _______学生 _______ waiter actor 服务员 ______演员 _____
shop assistant 店员 _____________ bank clerk 银行职员__________ policeman

? A: Betty, what does your father do _____ _____? ? B: He’s a doctor. ? A: Do you want to _____ a doctor? _____ be ? B: Oh, no, I want ____ _____a teacher. to be ? A: What does your mother do, then? is ? B: She _____ a shop assistant. ? A: Where ______ she work? ______ does ? B: She works in a shop. ? A: What about your brother? is wants ? B: He ___ a student .He _____ to be ? a policeman.

What do you do? ? _________________________?

? I’m a policeman.
? What does he want to be? _________________________?

? He wants to be a doctor.

? What does she do? _______________________?

? She is a bank clerk.
? Where does your mother work. _________________________?

? She works at a hospital.
? What do they want to be? _________________________?

? They want to be actors。


A:What does your father do? What does your father do ?

B:He is a doctor,he works in a hospital.

B:What does he want to be ?

A:He wants to be a policeman .

刚才我们学习了 哪些知识?

shop assistant doctor, actor, reporter, policeman, waiter,

bank clerk, student

Key sentences
1.What do you do? I’m a reporter. 2.What does he do? He’s a student. 3.What do you want to be? I want to be an actor. 4.What does she want to be? She wants to be a shop assistant.

? 口头填空 ? 1.I am a .I go to school every day. ? 2.I work in a .I see a lot of money every day. It’s not mine.I count it for other people. ? 3.I’d like to be a .I like talking to people and writing stories. ? 4.My parents work in a hospital. They’re______.

? 5.Don’t make the lions angry. They’re . ? 6. are afraid of policemen. ? 7.I work in a hospital. I’m not a doctor. People call me”angel in white”. I am a .

? What do you want to be ? ? I want to be a teacher . ? What does he want to be ? ? He wants to be a policeman. ? What does she want to be ? ? She wants to be a waiter .

? what do you do ? ? I am an actor . ? what does he do ? ? he is a reporter . ? what does she do ? ? she is a nurse .

? Do you like to talk with people ? ? Do you like to work late ? ? Do you like to work in the weekends ? ? Do you like to work hard ? ? Do you like to sing ? ? Do you like to write ? ? Do you like to cook ?

? Can you dance ? ? Can you play soccer ball ? ? Can you speak Chinese ? ? Can you play the violin ? ? Can you act ? ? Can you cook Chinese food ? ? Can you try ?

? ? A.a lot of B.lots of C.lot of D.a lot ? 2.I like ______to people and ______books. ? A.to talk;read B.talking;reading ? C.talk;read D.talk;to read ? 3.___ people are talking about the movie star. ? A.Lot of B.A lotC.A lot of D.Much ? 4.Could you give me two ______of______? ? A.piece;paper B.pieces;paper ? C.pieces;papers D.piece;paper ? 5.My sister is a bank clerk.She counts ______money every day. ? A.many B.a few C.much D.a little

本课语法操练 1.Thanks _____!

? 6.This shirt is ______.______ is over there. ? A.her;Mine B.his;My C.his;Mine D.her;My ? 7.We are afraid ______ our math teacher,because he never smiles. ? A.about B.of C.for D.in ? 8.He wants to be a police officer,______ it's an exciting job. ? A.and B.so C.because D.why  ? 9.Please tell me the news ______ soon ______ possible.  ? A.so;as B.as;so C.as;as D.so;so ? 1

0.Ten ______ are in the office. ? A.polices B.police office ? C.policemen D.policeman

? 11.Our English teacher is______. ? A.sir Tan B.Mr.TanC.Tan Mr. D.Tan sir ? 12.His mother is badly ill; she is ______hospital.  ? A.the B.in the C.× D.in  ? 13.This school is ______ children______12~16. ? A.in;for B.for;in C.of;for D.for;of ? 14.Do you want to work with ______ young people? ? A.the other B.others C.other D.the others ? 15.Tom,don't be late ______ class again. ? A.from B.in C.to D.for 

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

16.—Is this your pizza? —No,it’s not . A.my B.I C.mine 17.—What does he ? —He’s a clerk. A.do B.job C.work 18.He likes talking to people and stories. A.write B.writes C.writing 19.When you learn English, don’t be afraid mistakes. ? A.on B.of C.about

? 20.We must help when they are in trouble(处于困难). ? A.others B.other C.another ? 21.— do they work? ? —In a library. ? .What B.Where C.How ? 22.Would you like the animals? ? A.see B.seeing C.to see ? 23.My sister works a magazine.She’s a reporter. ? A.in B.at C.for

? 24.I like to watch football match on TV,because it’s . ? A.interesting ? B.boring ? C.dangerous ? 25.—What’s your father doing? ? —He’s talking my teacher now. ? A.for B.with C.at

? Fill in each bank with the proper form of the word given.用所给单词的适当形式填空。 French ? My mother can cook ______(France) food. them ? People call ______(they) “angels in white”. Thieves ? ______(thief)are afraid of policemen. reporter ? Jenny’s mother works as a ______(report). ? A sales assistant is ______(want) in the ad. wanted ? Is she interested ______(interest) in their jobs? fun ? All the students have ______(funny) in English class. ? Don't stand near the fire. It's dangerous ______(danger). be ? She wants to ______(is) a bank clerk. My ? ______(mine)favorite movie star is Jet Li.

制服 技能 uniform skill 解释 v. 危险的 explain dangerous difficult assistant

国际的 international 困难的 讲授, teach 教 v. 想象 v. imagine 助手

银行职员 bank clerk

 ? 假设你是某商店经理,你想招聘一位售 货员,请你拟一段招聘广告,注意格式 和内容。 60词左右。 busy,girl,work,weekends,1 000 yuan a month


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