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冀教版八年级(上) Unit 5 My Future 知识点


1.talk about 2.work hard 3.be good at

4.be nice to 5.on weekends 6.in the future

7.have a headache 8.have a rest 9.take some medicine 10.grow up 11.some times 12.all around the world

13.have a fear of ... 14.take steps 15.biuld planes

16.stop sb from doing sth 17.model planes

18.a new type of 19.run a business 20.lead ateam

21.make sb happy 22.clear goals 23.know oneself

24.much taller 25.movie star 26.come true


1.Please read the text _______ (careful).

2.Xiao Ming is good at _______ (talk) to people.

3.Would you like ____ (be) a doctor in the future?

4.My mother makes me ______ (do) homework every day.

5.We hope ____ (be) good friends in the future.

6.Tom ____ (have) supper at home now.

7.Maybe someday I ____ (be) rich.

8.My cousin often_______ (do) her homework in the evening.

9.There are white ______ (sheep).

10.What _______ you father _____ (do)?

11.What ____ I _____(be) in twenty more years?

12.That young man ___ (become) a driver in 1990.

13.The teacher ask us ___ (not talk)in class.

14._____ (not turn) off the radio.

15.There ___ (be) a sports meeting next moon. 16.The new teacher is very ___ (friend) to us.

17.It would be great ___ (have) a happy family.

18.That is the ___(big) building in the city.

19.The school will become ______(beautiful) in ten years.

20.I want to be a doctor when I’m ___(old).


1.Dr. means doctor.(就画线部分提问) _____ _____ Dr mean?

2.I would like to be a teacher.(改为一般疑问句)

_____ you _____ to be a teacher?

3.Maybe she’s ill today.(改为同义句) She ______ ______ ill today.

4.Can you tell me? What am I going to be in the future?(合并为一个句子) Can you tell me what ______ ______ going to be in the future?


______ ______ he ______ to be in the future?

6.He needs some help.(改为一般疑问句) ______ he ______ ______ help?

7.I need a bus.(就画线部分提问) _____ _____ _____ you

need? 8.His friend’s father is a teacher.( 就画线部分提问) _____ _____ his friend’s father ______?

5.Take the fifth turning on the left.(改为否定句)

_____ _____ the fifth turning on the left.

6.Li Ming’s predication 就画线部分提问) ______ ______ Li Ming’s predication?

7.There isn’t anybody in the classroom.(改为同义句)

There ____ ____ in the classroom.


___ ___ you ___ this time next year?

9.I think that’s cool.( 改为否定句) I ___ think that _____ cool.


情态动词 may, might, ,,

1、can 表示现在的能力,could 表示过去的能力,

例如:He___ speak a little English now.

She ____ play the piano when she was five.

2、在表示请求许可时,没有时间区别,在语气上could 更加委婉客气,例如:

Can I use your pen ? =Could I have a look at your book ?

3、在表示可能性方面,没有时间区别,can 可能性比could 大;表示逻辑上或理论上的可能性,而不是某种实际上将要发生或正在发生的可能性。

情态动词can, could

1. 表示请求和允许。might比 may语气更委婉,而不是过去式。否定回答时可用can’t 或mustn’t,表示“不可以,禁止”。

Might/ May I smoke in this room? No, you_____.

May/Might I take this book out of the room? Yes, you can. (No, you can’t / mustn’t. ) 用May I...?比较正式和客气,而用Can I...?在口语中更常见。

2.用于祈使句,表示祝愿。 May you succeed!

3. 表示推测、可能性(不用于疑问句)。 might不是过去式,它所表示的可能性比may小。 .He may /might be very busy now.

Your mother may /might not know the truth.

情态动词will, would

1. 表示请求、建议等,would更委婉。 Will / Would you pass me the ball, please?

2. 表示意志、愿望和决心。

I will never do that again. They asked him if he would go abroad.

3.表示过去反复发生的动作或某种倾向。would表示过去习惯时比used to正式,且没有“现已无此习惯”的含义。

During the vacation, he would visit me every other day.

4.表示估计和猜想。 It would be about ten o’clock when she left home.


以My ambitiom为题写一篇作文,不少于80词_



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