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八年级英语下册 Unit 4 He said I was hard-working Section A(2a-2c)(第二课时)导学案

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湖南省蓝山一中八年级英语下册 Unit 4 He said I was hard-working

Section A(2a-2c)(第二课时)导学案(无答案) 人教新目标版


A. 1.知识目标: 掌握本节课的生词(ever ,mad ,direct speech ,reported speech)语言1.He

told me he would call me tomorrow / the next day.

2.She said she could speak three languages. 3.What are some things happened on soap opera?

2.能力目标: 理解并运用直接引语和间接引语.

3.情感目标: 能复述别人说的话的内容.






1. think ---- 2.tell ---- 3. am---- 4.will-----

5. can---- 6. say---- 7 .go ---- 8 .are----




3.他告诉我他将明天给我打电话. ___________________________________________________________




1. Lana said she would bring some drinks and snacks to your house.


e.g. Please bring the book to school tomorrow.

Please take the empty cup away.

2、Lana said she wasn’t mad at Marcia anymore.

“not ??nay more”表示“不再”同义词是no more

(一)、no longer与no more的意义区别

1). no longer中的longer是副词long的比较级,long有after a certain point of time(在

某一时刻以后)之意,着重表示时间的不再延续,意为“如今不再”。no longer等于not... any


2). no more中的more是many / much的比较级,more有again之意,着重表示数量或程度

的减少,意为“再也没有更多(大)的数量(程度)”。no more等于not... any more。


1). no longer / not... any longer表示不再继续或再现过去某一时刻发生或存在而一直

延续的动作 / 状态时,常用于过去时、现在时或将来时的句子中。如:

He was no longer a thief. 他不再是小偷了。


When there is no gravity, our feet no longer stay on the ground. 如果没有重力,我们的脚就不能再站稳在地面上。

2). no more / not... any more表示再也不重复过去反复发生的动作时,常用于过去时或将来时的句子中。如:

Now she wasn't afraid any more. 现在她再也不害怕了。


当修饰动词时,no longer通常置于be或行为动词前;no more一般置于行为动词后。not... any longer与not... any more常置于句末。如:

She could no longer find a way to get into the valley. 她再也找不到进山谷的路了。 Time or opportunity lost will return no more. 机不可失,时不再来。


1). no longer / not... any longer 习惯用来修饰表示状态的持续动词(如wait, live, work等)。如: Don't wait any longer. 别再等了。

She could not keep up with him any longer.她不能再赶上他了。

2). no more / not... any more通常用来修饰表示具体动作的瞬间动词(如go, stand, visit等)。如: We couldn't stand it any more. 我们不能再忍受了。


两者都可用来修饰动词,在句中作状语。当no more作“不再(有、存在)”解时,还可作定语和宾语。如: Later when they are far away from the earth and there is no more gravity, they find they are unable to stay in one place. 过后,当他们远离地球,到了不再有地球引力的地方时,他们发现自己不可能停留在一个地方不动。(作定语)

I have no more to say. 我没有什么要说的了。(作宾语)

教学评价 选择填空(注意形式)

1. not ?any more not ?any longer

(1) I’m full, I ______ eat ________.

(2) He said he______ wait for me ________.

2. on in at about with

(1) They had a party _____ a cool summer evening.

(2) He likes traveling _______ night.

(3) Yesterday he said he would have a trip _____ a week. (4) Lucy got up ___ six _____ the morning yesterday.

(5) They arrived ______ the morning of April 14.

(6) We will have a meeting _____ Friday afternoon.

(7) My mother was mad _______ me. (8) My teacher was angry ______ my mistakes.

(9) I argued ______ my teacher _____ the key.

(10) My brother is mad _____ football.


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