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When was he born

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Lesson plan

Ⅰ.Background information:

Students:60 Junior high school students,Grade 2

Lesson duration:45 mins

Analysis of the students:The students have learned English for about one more year so far.They can express themselves with simple sentences.The students have taken a great intetest in English now.They want to speak English and present their own ideas.

The students in grade eight have learned some vocabulary in the use of the past tense,Unit8 is more systematic study of the past and the change of the verbs in question and negative sentences heavy applications. Students to the past tense already familiar with general, this new knowledge learning to lay the cognitive basis. They love and worship of Jordan, dengyaping, David Beckham celebrities, to their life procedure full of curiosity, in the teaching, the teacher can make full use of students this psychology, guide the student to carry on the inquiry, lets the student to solve problems

In this unit,the teacher and the students will go on learning past tense with When/How longqusetions,Adverbial clauses with when.

Ⅱ.Teaching objectives:

⒈Knowledge aims ,ability aims and moral objects.

① Knowledge aims are to enable the students to master the words and

phrase:beborn,record,hiccup,sneeze,start doing sth. and so on.And sentences:

---When was he born?

---He was born in 1895.

---How long did he hiccup?

---He hiccupedgor 69 years and 5 months.

---When did he start hiccuping?

---He started hiccupping in 1922.

②Ability aims:To train the students’ ability of listening,speaking,reading and writing. To train the students’ ability of working in pairs.

To develop the students’ ability of communication by learning the useful structures.

③ Moral objects:To make the students learn experence of famous people andtheir active efforts

of the spirit.

To make the students know that “You are never too young to start doing shings.”

⒉Process and teaching methods.


Step 1.Review the words of the former units and some sentence structure:ruler,eraser,dictionary,pencilsharpener,pen,baseball.What’s this?

Step 2.Presentation

Step 3.Drill

Step 4.Practice

Step 5.Consolidation

②Teaching methods:

⑴Communicative teaching method.

⑵Audio-visual teaching method.

⑶Task-based teaching method.

⒊Emotional attitude and values.

①To make the students learn experence of famous people andtheir active efforts of the spirit. ②To make the students know that “You are never too young to start doing shings.” Ⅲ.Analysis of the key points and difficult points:

Key points:

① When/How long questions.

② be born start doing sth stop doing sth.

Difficult points:

To make the students use the following structures freely”

When was he born ?

When did he start / stop …..?

How long did he……..?

Ⅳ.Teaching contents:

①Vocabulary:beborn,record,hiccup,sneeze,start doing sth.

②Sentensesrtucture: When was he born ?

When did he start / stop …..?

How long did he……..?

Ⅴ.Period arrangement:

This is the first lesson of Unit 9 in Grade 8.

Ⅵ.Teaching aids:


Ⅶ.Teaching procedures:

Step 1.Review(5 mins)

Review the words about months,dates and past tense.

Let the students to translate two sentences and ask the underlined part.

① We went to the beach yesterday. When did you go to the beach?

② She stayed in Hong Kong for 4 days. How long did she stay in Hong Kong?Step 2.Lead-in. (8 mins)

In this step,the teacher will use simple questions to lead in the new topic.

T:First, I’d like to ask you some questions. ***(a

name), please answer my questions. “How old are you? ”

S:Student: “I am thirteen years old.”

T: “Where were you born?”

S: “I was born in Hangzhou.”

T: “When were you born?”

S: “I was born in 1990.” student’s

T: “OK. Sit down, please.”

The teacher ask the class: “ When was he born?” Ss: “He was born in 1990.”

T: “OK. That’s what we are going to learn today. When was he born?” Then,the title appeares.

①Use pictures to introduce some new words.Pay attention to pronunciation and the vowel letters.

②Students learn to say the words with the help of pictures.

③Ask students to match the words with the things in the picture.(p19) Step 3.Present some stars’photos(12 mins)

①Show the stars’ photos and ask“How old is he ?” “And do you know who’s that?”“ What’s he/she?”“ Where is he from?”

②Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks about the stars’ date of birth.

③Look at the PPT and answer the question“Who’s that?”The students answer: “That’s Michael Jordan.”

T: “He is a …?”

Ss: “He is a basketball player.” T: “When is he from? Ss: “America.”

T: “He is an American basketball player.” “When was he born?”

S: “He was born in 1963.”

③ Show other pictures and ask the students “Who’s that?”“When was he\she born?” ④ Present new pictures and teach new words:hiccup,sneeze,hold the record Step 4.Practice(A task:Ask students to practice the sentence structures)(17 mins)

① Pair work:Two students in a group and practice the conversation about Deng Yaping. ②Make conversations about the other sports stars according to 1b.

③Task:Two students in a group and ask each other the questions“When did you start .....?”“ How long did you…..?”Then they practiced the sentences structures.

After the students filling in the column and practicing the sentences structures,the teacher will invite some students to speak out their dialugues.(For this step,the teacher will check the students’ learning)

Step 5.Consolidation(Optional activities and assignments)(3 mins)

Optional activity:①Watch pictures and write words .

② See form to answer the question.For this activity,the students will review past


③ Look at answers and write questions.

Homework:Finish the exercise book from 1a to 2c.

Ⅷ.Reflection:(to be written immediately after the lesson)

After class,the students master some key words.They can use some sentences to express their own ideas and talk about famous people’s birthday.They can understand that they are never too yong to start doing things.

On the other hand, the step of drill should be taken much attention.I think inviting some students to practice sentence structures can check their study.In the process of practice,I should give timely feedback.So the students can make clear that whether they are right or wrong.At the same time,study strategies can make the class vivid and lively.And I can take more actions to make the class active.

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