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A: Hey, John.
B: Hi, Michael.
A: What a 1 are you doing?
B: I ’ m r 2 a book.
A: Do you want to c 3 over to my house? We can w 4 a video.
B: OK. W 5 your house?
A: It’s o 6 Bridge Street. It ’ s a quiet street off Fifth Avenue.
B: I k 7 where that is. T 8 a new hotel on the corner.
A: Yes.There is a supermarket on the street. My house is a 9 from supermarket.
B: OK! I ’ ll see you a 10 two-thirty.
A:. Where do you w 1 to go now?
B: L 2 see the elephants.
A:. The elephants? W 3 do you like elephants?
B: Because they are i 4 . And they are r 5 clever.
A:. B 6 they are ugly, t 7
B: Oh, Tony. So where do you want to go?
A: Let ’ s see the pandas. They are k 8 of cute.
B: I love pandas. They are b 9 , but they are a 10 shy.
A: Hey, Sally! I didn ’ t see you last w 1 .What did you do?
B: I s 2 at home.
A: Why?
B:I h 3 lots of thinks to do. I c 4 my room then I d 5 my homework. What about you?
A: On S 6 afternoon I played soccer. On Sunday morning I went to a movie. And on Sunday n 7 I v 8 my friends.
B: Wow, you had f 9 .
A: Yes. But I d 10 do my homework, so school this morning I was bad.
(二)根据对话内容,选出能填入空白处的最佳 ’ m in Mexico! 2
B: Oh, thanks.
A: So how is it going there?
B: Great! 3
A: Pretty good. 4
B: I ’ m having a party. My whole family is here.
A: That sounds like fun. 5
B: Terrible. It ’ s cold and raining.
A: Are you having a party?
B: How is the weather?
C: Where are you?
D: What do you do?
E: I ’ m calling to say happy birthday!
F: What are you doing?
G: How is it going with you?
A: Hi, Vera. How was your vacation?
B: It was great!
A: 1
B: I went to Tokyo with my family.
A: Really? Wow! 2
B: Well, we went to a lot of museums.
A: Oh, how were they?
B: They were really interesting. But they were also very crowded.
A: 3
B: Yeah, I did.
A: 4
B: Oh, they were very expensive.
A: 5 Did you meet any Japanese people?
B: Yeah, the people were really friendly. My parents have some Japanese friends, and we had dinner at their house.
A 1: How was the food?
B: It was delicious. I love Japanese food.
A: Were the Japanese people very friendly?
B: How were the stores?
C: When did you go there?
D: Where did you go?
E: Did you go shopping?
F: What did you do there?
G: How were the people?

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