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九年级英语上册 被动语态学案

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被 动 语 态 学 案

【教师寄语】Practice makes perfect!熟能生巧!



1. 能够正确使用动词的过去式和过去分词;

2. 掌握被动语态的概念和用法;

3. 能够使用被动语态进行简单的语言交际;

4. 在应用英语中体验学习英语的乐趣。

【课前朗读 】

build built built bring brought brought buy bought bought

catch caught caught choose chose chosen see saw seen

sing sang sung find found found hold held held

know knew known leave left left make made made

grow grew grown show showed shown



一般现在时被动语态的构成:主语(动作的接受者)+be(am, is, are) +done + (by+动作的执行者)

一般过去时被动语态的构成:主语(动作的接受者)+was/were + done + (by+动作的执行者)

一般将来时被动语态的构成:(1) 主语(动作的接受者)+will+ be + done + (by+动作的执行者)

(2) 主语(动作的接受者)+ be(am, is, are) + going to + be +done + (by+动作的执行者)





到目前为止,我们已学过的常用时态有__________ 时,__________ 时,__________时,__________时,__________ 时 和__________时。其中,一般现在时的构成:________________________________________








1. Hundreds of people __________ (visit) the Great Wall every day.

2. I often __________ (play) basketball.

3. Most of the students in our class __________ (like) watching TV.

4. Our teacher told us that light __________ (travel) faster than sound.

5. They __________ (have) an English class yesterday.

6. I __________ (not be) at home last night. I __________ (be) at school.

7. Henry Ford __________ (invent) the first car one hundred years ago.

8. I __________ (show ) you some photos tomorrow.

9. We __________ (learn) Module 3 next week.

10.They __________ (help) us with our English if they __________ (have) time.


英语按陈述对象的不同分两种语态,即__________ 语态和__________ 语态。其中,动作的__________ (执行者/接受者)作主语,使用__________ 语态;动作的__________ (执行者/接受者)作主语,使用__________ 语态。被动语态的谓语动词由“__________ +____________________”构成。



1.Chinese people respect their parents.

Parents __________ __________ by Chinese people.

2.Confucious’ thoughts influence people in the world.

People in the world __________ __________ by Confucious thoughts.

3.Farmers grow rice in spring.

Rice __________ __________ in winter in the north.



1. Sun Haiping trained Liu Xiang.

Liu Xiang __________ __________ by Sun Haiping.

2. They chose Daming for the school team.

Daming __________ __________ for the school team by them.

3. We saw a film last night.

A film __________ __________by us last night.



1.New stars will use the programme.

The programme __________ __________ __________ by the new stars.

2.Children will sing an English song.


An English song __________ __________ __________ by children.

3.When will they hold the match?

When will the match __________ __________?


(一)被动语态的句型转换要借助于__________,变否定句在助动词后加__________,变一般疑问句将____________________,变特殊疑问句是__________ + ____________________。



1. My classroom is cleaned every day.

否定句:My classroom __________ __________ every day.

一般疑问句:__________ your classroom __________ every day?

2. Trees were planted in the ground last spring.

否定句:Trees __________ __________ in the ground last spring.

一般疑问句:__________ trees __________ in the ground last spring?

3.This film will be loved by the children.

否定句:This film __________ __________ __________ by the children.

一般疑问句:__________ this film __________ __________ by the children?


_____________ + ____________________。


就划线部分提问。 1.Most books are written at home.

__________ __________ most books __________? 2.A present will be given to the child.

__________ __________ __________ ___________ to the child?


1. ________________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________________

4. ________________________________________________________________



1.They will build a new swimming pool.(改为被动语态)

A new swimming pool __________ __________ __________.

2.People __________ (not know) Mark Twain as a great thinker.(用动词的适当形式填空)

3. My teacher use the computer. (改为被动语态)

The computer __________ __________ by the teacher.


4. Children are taught at school. (就划线部分提问)

__________ __________ children taught?

5. A new school __________ (build) in the city last year. (用动词的适当形式填空)

6.The villagers are buiding a library. I hope it __________ before December this year.

A.will be finished B.will finish C.is finished D.finishes

7.She sent me a New Year card last week. (改为被动语态)

A New Year card __________ __________ (by her) to me last week.






Mollions of people around the world __________ (watch) the last Olympic Games. And the next Olympic Games _____________ (see) by millions more. Some stars of the last Olympics _____________ (train) at special schools. Special programmes were set up to help them. There, students’ performance ____________ (record) and __________ (compare) with the world’s best sports stars. The coashes __________ (use) the information to change training programmes. The same programmes __________ also __________ (help) to make the stars of the future.




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