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江苏省涟水四中九年级英语上册《Unit 1 Vocabulary&Grammar 1》导学案

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江苏省涟水四中九年级英语上册《Unit 1 Vocabulary&Grammar

1》导学案(无答案) 牛津版


1. 重点单词

Unfair inactive explain modest weak balloon

2. 重点短语

Be proud of be weak in all kinds of different ideas explain things to us show off

Spend some time (in)doing sth balloons of all colours

3. 重点句型

Mr Wu spends a lot of time explaining things to us.

Daniel is very clever,but he never shows off. It is selfish of Eddie to eat the whole cake.



1. patient ____________ 2. proud _____________

3. strong _____________ 4. polite _____________ 5. honest ____________ 6. lucky _______________

7. active _____________ 8. selfish ____________ 9. silly ______________ 10. lazy _____________ 11. hopeful _________ 12. correctly ____________

II. .用所给词的适当形式填空。

1. With your help, I can work out this problem __________ (easy).

2. Our class is ___________ (luck) enough to win the football game.

3. The boy is ___________ (imagine), but he doesn’t work hard.

4. It’s ___________ (fair) for you not to treat all the students equally.

5. Mr. Wang spent a lot of time __________ (explain) things to us.

6. He hurried off without ___________ (turn) off the lights in the


1. 你父母真好, 为我们举行了这个生日晚会。(It is … to do.)


2. Kitty随身带了把伞,很明智。(It is … to do.)






1. Remember___________(bring)your homework next time. 2. He often spends a lot of time___________(explain)things to us.

3. She always seems to be very_____________(luck).


4.________(luck).I passed the exam at last.

用of或for填空 5.It is meaningful_____us to help the elderly.

6.It is generous_______Amy to donate her pocket money to Project Hope.

7.It is polite______Lucy to greet her teacher and classmates in the morning.

8.It is important________us to learn Eanglish well.


( )1. It is nice______you to________me so many interesting books.

A. for;take B. of;take

C.for;bring D.of;bring

( )2.Her father can wait without getting angry.he is_________.

A. patient B.impatient Csuccessful D. patients

( )3.—Peter has good grades in all his subjects,but he never shows off. ----I agree,He is very________. A. easy-going B. imaginative C. modest D.generous ( )4.Mr Wu is very patient and he often______lots of time_______things to us.

A. takes;to explain B. spends;explaining C.takes;explain D. spends;explain ( )5. We all find _________dangerous to skate on the thin ice.

A. it B. that C. this D./



Mr Wu _________________________________.

2. Kitty很善良把她所有的零花钱都给了这个贫穷的孩子。

It is ______________________________________to the poor child.

3. Daniel 很聪明但是他从不炫耀。

Daniel is very clever,but he _____________________.

4.Mike真好帮助我做家庭作业。 It is____________________________with my homework.


It is_____________________________________________.


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