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江苏省涟水四中八年级英语上册《Unit 4 Main task》导学案

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江苏省涟水四中八年级英语上册《Unit 4 Main task》导学案(无答案) 牛津版 八年级英语 课题:8A Unit4 Main task & check out 制卷:


1 one or two babies at a time at a time 一次 at one time 曾经 in the past

每次服三粒。 ________________________ 一度他们经常见面。___________________________

2 The number is getting smaller and smaller. 数字变得越来越小。

The number of the 名词复数 某物的数量 是单数 你书包里书的数量 _____________________________ 变成疑问句使用疑问词what 你书包你书的数量是多少? ________________________________

可以转换成疑问词 how many你书包你书的数量是多少? _________________________________

A number of名词复数= many名词复数 是复数。许多学生正在看书 ________________________________ 3 many of their living areas 他们居住地中有很多 of …之中 living areas 可数名词

4 keep on doing sth 持续重复做某事 keep doing sth持续一直做某事 continue to do sth = continue doing sth 继续做某事 go on doing sth 继续做同一件事 go on to do sth 继续做另一件事

5 sharp paws 锋利的爪子 锋利的熊掌 sharp 锋利的 adj 这刀很锋利______________________

Be sharp with sb 此处 sharp 严厉的。 不要对那个孩子太过严厉。 ______________________________ 6 walk upright 直立行走 upright 副词修饰 walk 某些大象直立睡觉。 __________________________ 7 move around 四处移动 round adv 副词 四处到处 四处看看___________ 四处走走___________ travel around the world 游历世界 around prep 介词 环绕,遍及,

I will show you around our school. ______________________ 带领某人参观某地 ______________ 1 a dolphin show 名词作定语 苹果树 Apple trees 一般坐定语的名词用单数

但是例外:two women teachers 两个男司机 _____________ 一家咖啡店 ___________________

2 on the earth= on Earth 在地球上 on earth 到底究竟用在疑问句中 in the world 在世界上

What on earth are you going to do? 你到底要干什么? 你到底有几个妹妹? ___________________________


1 黑白的 2看起来像 3 宁静而和平 4 花很多时间喝奶 5 多达

________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6 一次生一到两个宝宝 7 数字越来越小 8 他们居住地中的许多 9 持续夺取土地 ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10 俱乐部可以采取什么行动? 11 所有这些问题 12 锋利的抓 13 在白天

________________________________________________________________________________________________ 14 四处移动 15 一个海豚表演 16 在地球上 17 直立行走 18 虎皮 19.尽我们的努力保护他们 ________________________________________________________________________________________________

二、根据要求及所给的首字母填空。 (A)1.People build more and more buildings on the f_________. 2.They t_______ horses for a race.

3.Some animals have s________ teeth. 4. The students stood u________ and said hello to the teacher. 5 My grandfather wants to live in a place which is _________ (peace) than here. 6 Male ________ (wolf) will protect their families if there is danger.

7. The dolphins were really tired because of the long _________(perform).

8. If farmers keep _________ (take) the land, giant pandas will have nowhere to live.

9 Hunters will make a lot of money if they sell __________(elephant) tusks.

(B)1. We are writing to you about ___________(保护) wild animals.

2. Wolves have very good eyesight, _________(听力) and smell. 3. They will live in family _________(组/群) and hunt together if they live in the wild.

4. If farmers _________(继续)to make new farmland, wild animals won’t get enough food.

5. It’s said that ___________(长颈鹿)are the tallest animals on land.

6、These swim suits are those (游泳者).Please take care of them.

7、His job is (喂)animals.

8、You can know the weight of the apples after (称的重量) it.

9、English is .(广泛地) used. 12、The girl has a (微笑的) face.

10、 (老鼠)can be seen everywhere in the old room.


11、Children under 1.2m in (高度) can’t go into the cinema by themselves.


1. ---How old is the baby boy? ---He is an ________ boy.

A. 8 months old B. 10 month old C. 8-month-old D. 10-month-old

2. Some wild animals are in danger ________ the loss of living areas.

A. as B. since C. because of D. because 3. We found impossible to finish the work in such a short time.

A. it’s B. that was C. it D. that 4. Giant pandas will have to live if farmers keep ________ their living areas. A. somewhere; take B. nowhere; taking C. everywhere; take D. anywhere; taking 5. The clothes made of animal fur look nice my mother.

A. on B. in C. about D. with 6. If Simon hard, he better results in English.

A. work; gets B. works; gets C. works; will get D. will work; will get 7. When the little ugly duck grew , it grew a beautiful swan.

A. up; up B. up; into C. into; into D. into; with 8. We can see and in Australia.

A. sheeps; kangaroos B. sheeps; kangarooes C. sheep; kangarooes D. sheep; kangaroos

9. It’s said that the poor man died the morning of January 12th. A. on B. at C. in D. by 10. If I watch the animals , I’ll get for my class report.

A. careful, enough in formations B. carefully, information enough

C. careful, enough in formation D. carefully, enough information 11. If we do nothing, there no more giant pandas. A. will have B. will has C. will be D. will be going to have 12. --- does the baby mouse weigh? ---About 20 grams.

A. How B. What C. How many D. How much


People can find bears in many places in the world. They have large bodies and thick legs but 21 tails. Bears are not real meat-eaters because they almost eat 22 . Bears are not so dangerous 23 people think them to be. Bears are very brave. Many 24 were killed by bears when they wanted to kill bears. Bears have very good smell but very poor 25 . So they usually find something with their noses, not with their eyes. They live mainly on root(根), fish and small insects. Sometimes they kill deer and 26 animals. In fact, they like 27 animals better like rabbits. Adult bears are 28 than most other animals because they can think of something. Have you seen how 29 they beg for(讨要)sweets and food in the zoo? They are our friends 30 we should try our best to protect them.

21. A. short B. long C. big D. beautiful

22. A. something B. nothing C. everything D. some things 23. A. so B. as C. than D. for

24. A. children B. students C. pupils D. hunters 25. A. hearing B. eyesight C. eyes D. ears

26. A. another B. the other C. other D. others

27. A. small B. big C. fat D. large 28. A. more friendly B. prettier C. cleverer D. not cleverer

29. A. clever B. sad C. cleverly D. sadly

30. A. because B. but C. or D. so


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