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Unit 5

Can you come to my party/go to movies? Would you like to come to my party?

Sure, I’d love / like to. Yes, I’ d love /like to.
I’m sorry, I can’t. I have to…
I’d love to. But I have to…

A: Can you come to my party? /go shopping with me / go to the movies…

B: Sure/Yes, I’d love /like to . C: Sorry, I have to …… D: I’m sorry, too. I have to …… E: I can’t, either. I have to…
study for a test have a piano lesson visit my aunt go to the doctor help my parents …...

clean my room practice English
visit grandparents practice the guitar go to Anna’s party

play soccer with friends

A: Hey, Dave, Can you go to the movies on Saturday?
B: I’m sorry, I can’t. I have too much homework this weekend.

A: That’s too bad. Maybe another time (下次).
B: Sure, Joe. Thanks for asking.

activities go to the concert play soccer


have to study have to help my mom ……..


Can you go camping with me?
Name Dave Jim Can/Can’t can’t can Reasons
1.too much homework 2. It’s far for him
He likes to go camping


Jim can go camping, he likes it. Dave can`t go, he has too much homework and Mary wants to go camping but…….

An invitation card

It’s a birthday party!
For whom: Miss Zheng

Time: Saturday, October 24, at 6:30
Place: Madao West Street 2-4

Come and have fun!



birthday party

When Friday, June 30,



A: Hey, … Can you come to...?

B: When is it? A: It’s …
B: Where is it? A: It’s… B: Sure. I’d love to. \Sorry, I have to …

1.抄写剩下的全部单词。 2.背诵默写4. 3.作业本 2 4.原创与经典第2课时。 5.做好第1单元复习。

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