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江苏省涟水四中八年级英语上册《Unit 5 Reading 2》导学案

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江苏省涟水四中八年级英语上册《Unit 5 Reading 2》导学案(无答

案) 牛津版

学习目标:1. To get more detailed information about Zhalong Nature Reserve.

2. To analyze the sentences to get a better understanding.

3. To know the importance of wetlands and nature


1、课前准备:1.Why do people build nature reserves?

2. Does Zhalong nature reserve play an important role in protecting


3. What can you do to protect birds and wild animals?


1. in north-east China = in the north-east of China

西北 ___________ 东南 _____________ 西南 ______________

观察:China is in the east of Asia and to the north of Australia.

总结:“in”表示 ________________ “to”表示 _________________

2. one of the world’s most important wetlands= one of the most important wetlands in the world

One of + ______________________,

e.g.: I think diving is one of ____________________ (危险的) _________ (活动).

3. provide sth for sb = provide sb with sth 为某人提供某物

( ) China ______ a lot of food ______ Iraq during the war(战争).

A. provides , for B. provides , with C. provided , for D. provided , with 同义句:______________________________________________________



4. change

You will see many ___________ (n.变化) in the village. 你会看见村里发生的许多变化。 Here is your__________(n. 零钱). 这是你的找头。 In autumn the leaves __________(v. 变化)from green to brown. 秋天树叶由绿变黄。

5. danger 词性 ____, 意思是 _________ 。 in danger (处在危险中) out of danger (脱离危险)

endangered 词性 _____, 意思是 __________dangerous 词性 _____, 意思是 ___________

e.g.:① If you are in the forest alone, you will be _______ _______ because there are many _________ animals in the forest.

② We should take actions to _________ (保护) the _________ birds.

③ Keep calm before ___________.

6. living , alive 区别:两个词都是形容词,但是有一定的区别

★ living 意为“活的”,可以放在n 前作前置定语,也可以作表语,做表语时可与alive 互换。★alive 意为“活着的”,不可以做前置定语,可以做表语。

e.g.: The old woman bought some _________ fish. We find the bird is still __________. 居住空间 ___________________ 活羊 ____________________

7. important, 词性______, 意思是___________Importance, 词性______, 意思是____________

?的重要性 __________________________

e.g. English is as __________ as Maths, but many students don’t understand the __________ of it.

8. make space for 表示“为?让出空间,给?腾出地方”

其中space为不可数名词,表示“空间、余地”。make space for =make room for space 也可以表示“宇宙、太空”,in space指“在太空”,space前通常不用冠词。


e.g. When the old man got on the bus, many people ____________________(为他让出空间).


We made a short ____(n. 逗留、停留) in Beijing last week. 上个月我们在北京作了短暂逗留。

He often ______ at home in the evening. 晚上他经常呆在家里。(v. 待、留)

We must exercise more to_________ _______. 我们必须多锻炼以保持身体健康(v. 保持) 8A Unit5 Birdwatchers Reading II



1. I hope you will ________ (积极地) take some actions to _________ (保护) the birds.

2. This island(岛) is a good _________ (a place to live or stay) for many wild birds.

3. Zhalong is one of the world’s most important w________.

4. His father __________(提供) good school things for him.

5. Every year, a lot of t_________ come to China to visit the Great Wall.

6. Do you understand the ____________(important) of the wetlands?

7. We need do something ____________ (help) them. 8. It is the (潮湿的) season of the year in my hometown.


( ) 1. Many birds live in Zhalong Nature Reserve ______________.

A. all round years B. all year round C. round all year D. the all years round

( ) 2. There are many people in the hall. We don’t have ________ to stand in.

A. enough space B. enough spaces C. spaces enough D. many space ( ) 3. Nature reserves are used for protecting ________ birds. A. in danger B. endangered C. in dangerous D. endanger 三、翻译句子


Dafeng Jiangsu is an ____ _____ ______ Milu deer. Birds live there ______________.

2.昆明的天气终年温暖,潮湿。The ______ in Kunming is warm and wet _____________.

3.它为它们提供食物和掩蔽处。 是狼的重要生活区域。

It ________ ________ and ____________ them and is _______________________________

4.这意味着野生动植物的空间将越来越少。 This there and for wildlife .

5. 一些人想改变湿地来为农田和建筑物创造更多的空间。

Some people want to _______________to ___________________for farms and buildings

6. 观鸟俱乐部的成员打算研究鸟的数量的变化。

_______________ our birdwatching club __________________________the number of the birds

7. 我们希望这则信息可以使他们积极采取行动来保护野生生物。

We hope ______________can ______________________________to protect wildlife. 选做题:完形填空。(20分)

While Tom and Mary were on holiday at the seaside, they enjoyed _1_ the seagulls. They __2__ a lot about these lovely birds.

They will often come close to you when you are eating anything. If you __3__ pieces of bread to them, they at once snatched(抓住)it up.

Seagulls swim well, but they do not often dive for fish. They are also good at __4__ with their wings. When a seagull is in the sky he puts his legs __5__ his body. Tom often watched them __6__ to the ground because he liked the way they __7__ the air with their wings and brought down their feet before they _8__ the ground. Mary liked to see them gliding(滑翔)over the __9__ as they often do, without moving their __10__. But she said she didn't like the noise they make.

( )1. A. catching B. shooting C. watching D. playing


( )2. A. understood B. learned C. studied D. thought ( )3. A. threw B. took C. sent D. thought ( )4. A. swimming B. flying C. running D. rising ( )5. A. under B. about C. on D. in ( )6. A. come B. to come C. go D. to go ( )7. A held B. beat C. put D. kept

( )8. A. hit B. arrived C. got D. touched ( )9. A. water B. beach C. sky D. ground ( )10. A. eyes B. feet C. legs D. wings


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