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江苏省涟水四中八年级英语上册《Unit 4 Welcome to the Unit》导学案

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江苏省涟水四中八年级英语上册《Unit 4 Welcome to the Unit》导学案(无答案) 牛津版



1、Wild animals 意为:________ ①wild用作形容词时意思:_______例句:一些野生的动物自由地生活在森林里。Some _____ _____ live freely in the forest .

②wild也可用作名词意思:“野生状态”常用短语in the wild意为:在户外,在野外

2、Oh,your food looks delicious!你能写出delicious的比较级和最高级吗?__________/_____ 那它的近义词是什么?__________(你真棒!)

3、If I die,no one will look after you.如果我死了,就没有人照顾你了。

①die |dаi| 为不及物动词意思是:“死,死亡”如:

每年有许多人在交通事故中死亡。Many _______die in the________ accidents every year .

那个老人在83岁去世。The old man died _____ the age of 83

②die 的名词时death ,它的形容词是dead . 你能写出die 的现在分词吗?______ ( )

③look after 意思为:___________同义短语为:take care of .

★当说照顾好某人时look after 用well(放在宾语后,而take care of 用good(放在care前) 即:look after ?well = take good care of 例句:我现在能照顾好我的妹妹。

I can _____ _____ my sister _____ now . = I can _____ _____ _____ of my sisiter now. ④此句是if引导的条件状语句的复合句,句子一般遵循“主将从现”的原则,例如:

如果你更加努力学习,你会通过考试的。If you ________harder ,you can pass the test.

错题整理: 一:用词的适当形式填空

1. Can I have some milk? I saw _______(little/ a little/ few/ a few) in the fridge.

2. Hanjing High School is more beautiful than _________(any/any other) school in Suzhou.

3. -_______ is the cost of the trip? –Ten yuan per person.

4. If you eat _________(健康), you will get fat.

5. ________ (幸运), he won the game at last. He is so ________(幸运)

6. This song is much _____(popular) than that one, there are few people love it.

7. He read ____(少) advertisement than me, so he get ______ (少) information

8. We should remember these __________(英雄) spirit.(精神)


1 一封邀请信 ______________2你吃得越少,你就越苗条______________________________

3他将不得不给老虎拍一张照片______________4 溜冰是极大的趣事 ___________________



Eddie is having some bones. Hobo w______ like to have s______ of them. He thinks they are d______ and he’ll d______ if he doesn’t have food. Eddie doesn’t a______ with him. He says that he w______ talk to Hobo if he e______ his food. He will a______ die if he has no food. If he dies, no one will look a______ Hobo. Do you think Eddie is a good m______?


(Simon is going to North Hill this Sunday.)

Simon: Linda, North Hill ______ beautiful. ______ you like to go there with me?

Linda: ____ there are monkeys, I’ll go.

Simon: I hear there are many monkeys. They are ______ at ______ trees. They are the ______ animals

of all.

Linda: Really? Are there ______ in the hill? I am afraid of them. You know I’m not Wu Song. I

don’t want to be ______ ______.

Simon: Don’t ______. I’ll ______ you if you are in danger. I’ll take you to see some bamboos. ______ we are lucky enough, we’ll meet some ______ ______.

Linda: That’s very interesting. I’ll go with you.

8A Unit4 Wild animals Welcome to the unit

基础题一. 根据句意,首字母活汉语提示写出相应的单词

1、I can see many kinds of w_____ animals in the Animal world.

2. Thanks for your mother’s d__________ food.


3. What do male w________ do when there is danger?

4. There are only about a thousand ________(大熊猫) in the world now.

5. Now Xiao Ming is old enough to ___________(照顾) himself.

6. Sell the ________skin before one has caught the bear.

7. The ______(die) man is Li Lei’s grandfather. He is a very kind man, and everyone doesn’t hope he _________(die) 8. When we ______(die) for the people it is a worthy ______(die).

9. If the famers _______(do) nothing, the tigers _______(be) in danger.

10. It’s dangerous for a girl to walk in the w______ at night.11. How nice the food _______(look)

12. A squirrel ______(hide) itself quickly if it ____(feel) danger.

能力题 二 单项选择 1.No one in these classes ___ what happened last night? A know B knows C knowing D to know

2. -How about the young lady? – It’s hard to say, but her voice ______ beautiful

A sings B hears C listens D sounds

3. If you study hard, you _________ English well. A learn B will learn learns D learnt

4. My father often talks ____ our English teacher _______ my English.

A. to, about B. with, to C. about, with D. to, with

5.The students were all tired, but __ of them stopped to have a rest.

A none B each C either D neither

6. –How many of these books have you read? -_____ A no one B none C nobody D nothing

三 句型翻译

1.如果妈妈死了,没有人会照顾我了If mother ___________, __________________________me.



________________________________/ ______________________________________________?

4.--你妈妈最不喜欢的动物是什么?-- 我想是海豚。 --________________ does your mother_________? I think ____________.

5.糖果看起来漂亮,但并不好吃。Candies ___________, but ______________.

6. 我弟弟能照看好自己。My brother can _________________. My brother can ____________.

四 句型转换

1. It will snow tomorrow. I won’t go out. I won’t go out ________ it __________ tomorrow.

2. I have something else to tell you. (改为一般疑问句) ______ you have ________ else to tell me? 提高题五 缺词填空。

Sam had a dog.Its name was Tod.It was very h________,but it a_____ too much.So he didn't like it.He wanted to kill Tod. He tied Tod in a bag and put it in the small boat.He rowed(划桨) the boat to the middle of a big river. Just as he t_______ the poor animal into the river,the boat began to sink. Both began Sam and Tod f_______ into the river.

Tod was able to swim,but Sam couldn't.The dog bit(咬) the rope and broke it. It t_____ its best to swim to s______ Sam. The man was saved,so he was very thankful to the dog .He didn't want to kill the dog any more .From then on, he g_______ dog as much food as it wanted.


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