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江苏省涟水四中九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Grammar II》导学案

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江苏省涟水四中九年级英语上册《Unit 2 Grammar II》导学案(无

答案) 牛津版


1. 复习使用would rather---than---和prefer---to---来表达喜欢做的事

2. 用不定代词someone/somebody,anyone/anybody和no one/nobody谈论人

3. 用不定代词something,anything,nothing谈论事物

4. 能正确区分no one/nobody,nothing,none的用法


I.用不定代词somebody/someone,anybody/anyone或nobody/no one填空,完成日记。 Dear Diary:

__________knocked on my door around 12 o’clock last night.I felt very frightened.I quickly got up and asked,“Who is there?”But_________answered.I was more nervous because_______but me was at home.Mum and Dad had gone on a trip with_________. ________could help me.I sat on the bed,too frightened to move.Ten minutes later.I asked again“Is__________there?”There was no answer.Who on earth knocked on my door last night? That is still a secret.


1.I have___________interesting to tell you.

2.____________can do it except Tom.

3.There is_____________wrong with the computer.It works well.

4.I can’t see________in the fridge. 5.Listen!_________is knocking at the door.

6.Daniel was in a bad mood and he didn’t talk to___________.



Is there___________________in today’s newspaper?


Nobody______________his name.

3.冰箱里什么也没有了。 There is____________in the fridge.


______________my neighbours knocked on my door that night.


There is__________________with my bike.

=There is____________________with my bike. =__________is_________with my bike.





1.He would rather sing than dancing. ________________ 1

2. They prefered red to blue. ________________

3. Do you know something interesting about animals? ________________

4.Everyone of the children likes the game. ________________

5.Would you like anything to eat? ________________

6.--How many people lost their lives in this flood?---Nobody. ________________ II、单项选择

( ) 1. —Do you have ______ to say for yourself? —No, I have ______ to say.

A. something; everything B. nothing; something C. everything; anything D. anything; nothing

( ) 2. Why not ask ______ to help you?

A. everyone B. someone C. anyone D. none

( )3. Everything ______ ready. We can start now.

A. are B. is C. be D. were

( )4. There’s ______ with his eyes. He’s OK.

A. anything wrong B. wrong something C. nothing wrong D. wrong nothing

( )5. She listened carefully, but heard ______.

A. anyone B. someone C. everyone D. nothing

( ) 6. I agree with most of what you said, but I don’t agree with ______.

A. everything B. anything C. something D. nothing

( )7. Everything goes well, ______?

A. is it B. isn’t it C. do they D. doesn’t it

( )8.______is difficult in the world if you put your heart into it.

A.Everything B.Nothing C.Something D.Anything

( )9.—Mum,may I have some cakes?

---Sorry,there’s______left in the box.I’ll go and buy some for you tonight.

A.nothing B.no one C.no D.none

( )10.—Mum,may I have something to eat?I’m hungry.

---Sorry,there’s_________in the fridge.You can go downstairs to buy something.

A.nothing B.no one C.no Dnone

( )11—Who was late? ---______________.

A.No one B.None C.Nothing D.No

( )12.Put it down ,Tom.. You mustn’t read________letter.

A.else anyone’s B.anyone’s else

C.anyone else’s D.anyone else



I prefer___________________ to___________________.


He___________________the old pencil case than___________________.


I wanted to buy you_______________comic,but there was_______________in the shop.


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