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江苏省涟水四中八年级英语上册《Unit 5 Welcome to the Unit》导学案

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江苏省涟水四中八年级英语上册《Unit 5 Welcome to the Unit》导学案(无答

案) 牛津版




2、自我整理: 重点词组

1、去观鸟___________________________ 2、在.市场上_________________________

3、鼓励某人做某事___________________ 4、参加观鸟俱乐部____________________



9. 钩状的喙________________________10. 又长又细的脖子_____________________


1.由名词+ed构成形容词,如,long-wing+ed—long-winged, web-foot+ed---web-footed, fork+ed---forked, hook+ed----hooked, warm-heart---warm-hearted.

2. northern adj. 北方的 (north n.北方) southern adj. 南方的 (south n.南方)

eastern adj. 东方的 (east n.东方) western adj. 西方的 (west n.西方)

in the north == in the northern part in the south == in the southern part in the east == in the eastern part in the west == in the western part

eg: Hebei is in the _______________ part of China while Guangzhou lies in the _____________.

3. brownish adj.带棕色的; brown adj. 棕色的



Eddie: Ah, I am _____ (吃饱了). I _____ (想要)to sleep again.

Hobo: You are really _____ (懒惰). What are you doing tomorrow?

Eddie: I will ___________ (观看鸟类) Hobo: Really? Where are you going to see them? Eddie: _______________ (在市场上)

Hobo: Oh, it’s far from your home. It’s ____________ (在北面) the town. Why do you go there? Eddie: Because there is a special bird which has ___________ (宽宽的翅膀). And the most important is … Hobo: I know. ______ (烤鸡)and _______ (北京烤鸭)

二、根据句意和首字母提示写出单词 1. I would like to become a b because I like birds and nature very much. 2. I think it is important for us to p birds. 3. Golden eagles have b feathers and broad wings, don’t they? 4. Do swallows fly to n countries in summer? 5. Liaoning lies in n of China. 6. I often take my son to the m to buy things.

7. Birds can’t fly without w . 8. There is a b river near my house. 9. I like the parrot best because it has colourful f . 10. The boy likes Beijing Duck better than r chicken.

11. Mr. Wu _____________ (bring) sandwiches for everyone tonight , is he? 12. If we are free, we ______ ___ (help) you plant trees.

8A Unit5 Birdwatchers Welcome to the unit

基础题一. 根据句意,首字母活汉语提示写出相应的单词

1. Look out! The bus __________(come).

2. Where are you __________(go)? I will __________(go) __________(birdwatch).

3. The science teacher __________(encourage) us __________(join) the Birdwatching Club.

4. Tom isn’t __________(go) __________(camp) next week because he is too busy.


5. I __________(not be) late for the party tomorrow evening.

6. The boy would like to be a ___________(bird watching) in the future.

7. The zookeeper __________(tell) us about all the different birds last summer camp.

8. That is a good place __________(walk) the dog.

9. which game do you like ___________(little) of all?

10. The swallow __________(fly) to northern countries in summer.

能力题 二 单项选择

1.What______ you________ tomorrow, Tom?

A. will, doing B. are, do C. are, doing D. are, going do

2.Taiwan is ______ the east of China and _______the east of Fujian.

A, in, in B. in, to C. to , on D. to , to

3.He is too old to run _______ to catch the bus.

A. fast enough B. fastly enough C. enough fast D. enough quickly

4.Today the forests are getting fewer and fewer . We must___ down too many trees.

A. keep people from cutting B. prevent people from cutting

C. stop people cutting D. all the above

5. Tomorrow will be ______ and also there will be a big _____.

A. snow; rain B. snowy; rainy C. snowy; rain D. snow; wet

6.We found _______to sleep.

A. difficult to get B. it difficult getting

C. it difficult to get D. that difficult to get

7.Do you need more people _______you _______ the vegetables?

A. help, water B. to help, water C. help, to water D. to help, watering 8. I want to know how long it will to get to the lake by bike.

A. spend B. pay C. cost D. take

三 句型翻译


2. 我打算去市场上观鸟________________________________________________________

3. 我最喜欢有着彩色羽毛的鹦鹉________________________________________________

4. 燕子在夏天会飞到北方去_______________________________________________________

5. 她鼓励我们加入观鸟俱乐部去获取更多的信息 ________________________________________________________________________________

提高题四缺词填空。 The crane is big and tall. He has long legs, long b_________ and long n_________. The golden eagle is tall as well. He has b_________ feathers, broad wings and h_________ beak.

The seagull lives by the sea. He is long-winged and w_________. He has white and grey and black feathers. The s_________ lives on the lake. He has white feathers and long thin neck.

The s_________ is very small. He has brown and grey feathers. Swallows look like sparrows. But they have long p_________ wings and f_________ tail. He flies to n_________ countries in summer.


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