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江苏省涟水四中八年级英语上册《Unit 5 Integrated skills》导学案2

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江苏省涟水四中八年级英语上册《Unit 5 Integrated skills》导学案2(无答案) 牛津版



1). 重点词组

1 关于扎龙的事实 _________________________________________________________


3 有 12000 公顷的面积 _____________________________________________________

4 人们提供食宿给鸟________________________________________________________

5 其它较小的动物_______________________

6 在世界湿地日___________________________

7 在中国东北 _______________________ 8 动植物的家园 _____________________

9 不同种类的鸟________________________ 10 一个观鸟的好地方 _____________________

11 濒危动物(两种)_______________________ _________________________

12 预防洪水__________________________ 13 在那一天___________________

14 一场有趣的鸟秀___________________ 15 有空____________

16 为某人提供某物(两种)_______________________ _______________________

17 扎龙是包括不同鸟类在内的许多动植物的家。




3、难点释疑: 1) It is a good place to do sth

eg. It is a good place to go birdwatching. It is a good place to visit.

2) one of?+ (adj 最高级)+(名词复数)

3) eg. English is one of the most important subjects.

3) has an area of =?is ?in area.

eg. The garden has an area of 100 square metres.=The garden is 100 square metres in area. 预习效果自测

1.Would you like _________(go) fishing with me?

2.Our trip starts at 9:30 a.m. and ____________ (finish) at 4:30p.m.

3.The garden ____________(have) an area of 100 square metres.

4.We should ____________(protect) our forests.

5.Fujian is in ______________(东南方) China.


The school ___________________ one hectare.=The school is one hectare ____________ .


There are ____________________ birds and other animals in Zhuyuwan Park.

Consolidation Exercises

8A Unit5 Birdwatchers Integrated Skills


一、单项选择 ( )1. The rich man ______ much food_____ the poor families during the hard time. A. provides, to B. provides, with C. provided, with D. provided, for

( )2. The correct symbol of “ therefore” is________.


A. ∵ B. ∴ C. ﹤ D. ﹥

( )3.I want to put the book on the shelf. Can you make____ for it?

A. a space B. some spaces C. some more rooms D. some space

( )4. Japan is____ the east of China and _____ the east of Asia.

A. in, in B. in, to C. to, in D. to, to ( )5. Listen! Can you hear the boy in the next room?

A. to sing B. sings C. sang D. singing

( )6.Yao Ming is one of ________ basketball stars in the USA.

A. much popular B. more popular C. most popular D. the most popular ( )7. He is getting ________ to hear the ________ words. A. boring; boring B. bored; boring C. bored; bored D. boring; bored



1.This means there will be_____________ and_____________(little) space for wild animals.

2. Many people don’t understand the__________________(important) of English. 3. A lot of______________(tour) come to visit China.

4. I have many books,_____________________(include) Harry Porter.

5. Zhalong is one of____________________(important) wetlands in the world. 6. There are many_________________(fish) in the wetlands.

7. Some people want to change the wetlands_______________(make) more space for farms.

8. It’s important _______________ (learn) English well if you want to find a good job.

9. _______________ (be) the girls late for school this morning?


三、缺词填空 A driver stopped his car on a street side to have a r___________. When he sat in the seat and closed his eyes, a pedestrian (行人) came up and k___________ at his window to ask the t___________. The driver opened his eyes and looked at his w___________, “It is 8 o’clock.” He said. Then he went to s___________ again. But soon he w___________ up because a second pedestrian was knocking at the window, “Sir, do you have the time?” he asked. The driver looked at his watch again and told the man it was 8:30.

If it happened again, he could not have a good rest. So he w___________a short note and put it on the window for all the people to see. It s___________, “I don’t have the time.”

Again the man sat in the s___________ and slept. A few minutes later a t___________ pedestrian came along and began knocking at the window. “Hey, sir,” she said, “It’s 8:45.”


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