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1. While we __________ (wait) for the bus, a girl __________ (run) up to us.

2. I __________ (telephone) a friend when Bob __________ (come) in.

3. Jim __________ (jump) on the bus as it __________ (move) away.

4. We __________ (test) the new machine when the electricity __________ (go) off.

5. She __________ (not want) to stay in bed while the others ________________ (all, work) in the fields.

6. While mother ________ (put) Cathy to bed, the door bell ________ (ring).

7. As I __________ (walk) in the park, it __________ (begin) to rain.

9. It was quite late at night. George __________ (read) and Amy __________ (ply) her needle when they __________ (hear) a knock at the door.

10. There __________ (be) a group round the fire when they __________ (reach) it. An old woman __________ (sit) on the ground near the kettle; two small children __________ (lie) near her; a donkey __________ (bend) his head over a tall girl.

三、 选择题。

1. I ______ cooked a meal when you _____ me.

a. cooked, were ringing b. was cooking, rang

c. was cooking, were ringing d. cooked, rang

2. He said he _____ to draw a plane on the blackboard at that time.

a. tries b. tried c. was trying d. will try

3. While she ______ TV, she ______ a sound outside the room.

a. was watching, was hearing b. watched, was hearing

c. watched, heard d. was watching, heard

4.They _____ a football game from 7 to 9 last night.

a. were watching b. watch c. watched d. are watching

5.What book ____ you ______ when I ____ you at four yesterday afternoon?

a. did, read, was seeing b. did, read, saw

c. were, reading, saw d. were, reading, was seeing

6. It was Friday evening. Mr and Mrs. Green _____ ready to fly to England.

a. are getting b. get c. were getting d. got

7. Lei Feng _____ always _____ of others when he ______ in the army.

a. is, thinking, was b. was, thinking, is c. did, think, is d. was, thinking, was

8.A girl ______ my pen fall off the table when she _____ me.

a. saw, passed b. was seeing, passed

c. was seeing, passed d. was seeing, was passing

9.We ____ for tom at ten last Sunday. He often kept us ______.

a. were waiting, waiting b. were waiting, wait


c. waited, waiting d. waited, wait

10.He ____ his father on the farm the whole afternoon last Saturday. a. helps b. would help c. was helping d. is helping

11.While mother _______ some washing, I _____ a kite for Kate. a. did, made b. was doing, made

c. was doing, was making d. did, was making

12. “_______ you angry then?” “they ______ too much noise.”

a. are, were making b. were, were making

c. are, made d. were, made

13.He ____ some cooking at that time, so _____ me

a. did, heard b. did, didn’t hear

c. was doing, heard d. was doing, didn’t hear

14. This time yesterday jack _____ his bike. He _____ TV

a. repaired, didn’t watch b. was repairing, watched

c. repaired, watched d. was repairing, wasn’t watching

15. His parents wanted to know how he _____ on with his new classmates. a. was getting b. gets c. is getting d. will get



1.My brother ___ while he ___ his bicycle and hurt himself.

A. fell, was riding B. fell, were riding

C. had fallen, rode D. had fallen, was riding

2. Tom ___ into the house when no one ___.

A. slipped, was looking B. had slipped, looked

C. slipped, had looked D. was slipping, looked

3.The last time I __ Jane she ___ cotton in the fields.

A. had seen, was picking B. saw, picked

C. had seen, picked D. saw, was picking

4.I don ' t think Jim saw me; he ___ into space.

A. just stared B. was just staring

C. has just stared D. had just stared

5.I first met Lisa three years ago. She ___ at a radio shop at the time.

A. has worked B. was working

C. had been working D. had worked

6.---Hey, look where you are going! ---Oh, I ' m terribly sorry. ________.

A. I ' m not noticing B. I wasn ' t noticing

C. I haven ' t noticed D. I don ' t notice


7. The reporter said that the UFO ___ east to west when he saw it.

A. was traveling B. traveled

C. had been traveling D. was to travel

8. I ___ my breakfast when the morning post came.

A. had B. had been having C. have been having D. was having

9.When I arrived at his office, he ___ on the phone.

A. was speaking B. spoke

C. had been speaking D. had spoken

10. “ What ' s the matter, Ali? You look sad. ”

“ Oh, nothing much. As a matter of fact, I ___ of my friends back home. ”

A. just thought B. have just been thinking

B. C. was just thinking D. have just thought


( ) 1. What _____ your grandfather _____ this time yesterday ?

A. is ... doing B. was ... doing C. did .. do D. had ... done

( ) 2. ____ you ______ a meeting at four yesterday afternoon ?

A. Were ... having B. Was ... having C. Did ... have D. Do ... have ( )3. I called you yesterday evening ,but there was no answer.

-- Oh, I am sorry I _________ dinner at my friend’s home.

A.have B.had C.was having D.have had

( ) 4. A: Did you notice him come in?

No. I _____ a football game.

A. have watched B. had watched C. am watching D. was watching

( ) 5. You must tell us what you _______ at ten yesterday evening .

A. did B. was doing C. were done D. were doing

( ) 6. I ____ an old friend of mine when I ______ in the street yesterday afternoon.

A. met... was walking B. was meeting ... walked

C. was meeting ... was walking D. met ... walked


( ) 7. One day when I _______ the post office, I _____ my uncle.

A. pass... say B. was passing ... saw

( ) 8.She_________ apples in her garden when I_________ to see her yesterday.

A. picked,went B. was picking, went

C. picked,was going D. was picking,was going

( ) 9. She _____ the room when I went to see her .

A. doesn’t clean B. isn’t cleaning C. didn’t cleaning D. wasn’t cleaning

( ) 10. The Reads _______ lunch when I got to their house.

A . were having B. was having C. are having D. is having


1.It ________(rain)very hard when we ________(get)there yesterday.

2.I ________(watch) TV at 7:00 P.M. yesterday.

3.What ________(you do ) at that time?

4.She ________(have) a bath when the phone ______(ring).

5.The students ________(make) noises while the teacher ________(be) away.

6.I ________(read) in my room when she ________(come).

7.It ________(grow) dark, so we ________(turn) back for home.

8.As the winds ________(blow) stronger and stronger, we ________(not go) swimming yesterday afternoon.

9.The baby ________(cry ) all morning today.

10.We ________(have) a good time when suddenly the lights ________(go) out.


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